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You’ve got questions…
I’ve got answers…

Fire away, and if there are enough questions by tomorrow, you’ll get the dish sooner than later. There are a few left over from last week that I’ll get to, also.

Thanks guys

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  • Rico Bruin

    Jon do you think we will try to add a QB to this years recruits or just wait till next year??


    Any update on Brice Schawb? Seems like he would be a good plug and play for 2 years while XSF is on his mission.

  • Jon…enjoy your coverage.

    Q1 – Does Honeycutt have more offense then we’ve seen? If so, what is it? Inside Game/Outside Shooting etc.?

    Q2 – Even with Jrue, I’m not sure this team would be near the top of the PAC-10. Seems like they’re missing guys to score from the inside and Jrue wasn’t that assertive a player on the offense end anyway. What do you think?



  • East_Bay_Bruin


    1) Is there any truth to the rumor that SC recruits have asked Kiffen if they can sign scholarship agreements instead of letters of intent and he has said “no?”

    2) In Part 6 answers the first question seems to refer to Norm Chow leaving. Where is this coming from? I thought he announced he was back, excited and happy to be with UCLA.

  • spedjones

    Jon- to your credit, you didn’t report much on the Chow thing along the way. Why do you think it became such a story so quickly? Was SC feeding the media to soften the Kiffin news, or was this just Wolfie and the rest trying to make news where there was none?

  • BDB

    A few weeks ago you had talked about a big time ‘Silent Commit’ for FB. Was that ever disclosed? (If so I missed it – who was it?) If not, what is the status? Thanks.

  • Spencer

    Do you have any reports on how Nik Abele and Greg Capella are progressing? Do you think they will contribute next year?

  • Spencer

    Do you think that the RB situation is an open competition? It seems to me that Jordon James and Malcolm Jones will have plenty of opportunities to prove themselves in spring ball? What do you think?

  • Spencer

    Do you think Neiheisel and Chow are going to give Brehaut a chance to compete for the QB job in spring ball?

  • Spencer

    Who do you think will be starting FB in spring ball?

  • bruwin5931

    Hi Jon,

    How come we are having difficulty recruiting DTs? Throughout the year, we were not able to get Kiri Taula, Willie Mobley and George Uko. Considering our depth at the position, I thought we would have a few more committed at this point.

  • Spencer

    It Randall Carroll the KR/PR for next season?

  • bruwin5931

    Hi Jon,

    Sorry, I have a few more questions. Considering the big recruiting weekends over the past few weeks, I am a bit surprised that we did not get a few more commitments. Were you surprised by this as well, or were you expecting this to happen?

    Also, the Yates commitment was a bit of a surprise. Although I know we need defensive linemen, are the coaches worried with the recruitment of Owa at this point? As far as I know, Yates was offered a scholarship during this weekend. Considering the timing of this offer, I am a bit concerned that this may be a reaction to the progression of Owa’s recruitment.

  • Spencer

    Is Randall Carroll the KR/PR for next season?


    Just got back from Pauley. And it was so sweet that SUCLA was out of the game after about 7-minutes, and never got back in it, that the fans were hitting the exit at the 10 minute mark. It was a fiasco of a game for SUCLA, but I have never witnessed a better SC performance at Pauley in all the years I have been going to that hellhole. I think that Kevin O’Neil has Proven to be a better BB Coach than Ben Howland. What are your thoughts? And, by the way, K.O. rocks.


  • Vin

    Do you think the Nottingham decommit had anything to do with the hoopla surrounding USC and Norm Chow? Seems like a legitimate change of heart, but the timing is interesting.

  • Anonymous

    How did the big recruiting weekend go? Besides Yates, any other non-committed players interested? Heimuli,Marsh,etc.

  • Anonymous


    Name your final 5-7 recruits that you think we land?

  • tim warren

    I just asked Wolf the same question – LK was not SC’s first choice, so what is the thought process with SC (which is possibly going on probation) hiring a coach whose previous program is already being investigated in his first year at Tennessee?

  • Anonymous


    Who do you think will be our Kick returners and punt returns will be next year?

  • RainMan

    Who does CRN model his coaching style after? Does he see the mix of things he does as likely to change over time? What would he like to be more “hands on” about?

  • issixit

    Jon – any recruiting updates for basketball? What’s your take on Lazeric Jones? We need some impact players, pretty badly, based on this season so far – do you agree?

  • Anonymous


    Our offense is terrible…do you ever see Ben opening it up? Are we the worst free throw shooting team you have ever seen?

  • JoeSmith

    Is Yates expected to play on the DL?

  • MichaelRyerson

    Jon-can you verify that Mike Garrett is in receipt of a letter from the NCAA outlining a three year ‘death sentence’ for the USC football program which includes loss of multiple (double digit) scholarships and a prohibition on bowl participation? Just asking. Maybe check with ‘StorminNorman’ too.

  • Anonymous


    Our offense is terrible…do you ever see Ben opening it up? Are we the worst free throw shooting team you have ever seen?

  • Joe B. Ruin

    Why has UCLA struggled on QB depth over the last 10 yrs?

    We keep Chow, so why did we lose a top recruit to Standford this late? Fair to criticize CRN and Chow, this is their specialty?

    Thoughts on having only two real QB’s into spring ball? Crissman not having any shot, rest are walk-ons.

    What is CRN ideal attributes and stats for our QB to maintain on a consistent basis?

    Maybe some of these topics can be discussed with Ben on next podcast.

  • JoeSmith

    Do you think UCLA will land one of Heimuli-Marsh-Uko?

  • ray

    Jon, what are our chances of landing Anthony Barr?
    also, is there any chance of Rick bringing back eric Scott to compete with Ed Orgeron?

  • ray

    Is christian Ramirez done at ucla?

  • ray

    hi jon, just wanted to know if Morrell Pressley is sticking at Tight End, or moving him outside to reciever. Also, are his physical tools similar to Nelson Rosario?

  • BruinBall

    If Hasiak and Sua-Filo aren’t at UCLA next season, can the O-line really be better?

    Also, do you plan to ever cover any Bruin baseball or does the Daily News focus mostly on just the revenue sports?

  • highlander

    Jon, Shouldn’t there be some sort of “penalty” for irresponsible reporting? ESPN reported that Chow was a Trojan as if it was fact. We know now that it was nowhere close to true. What can be done?

  • UCLA3

    What are the chances that Howland shakes up his coaching staff next year? Realistically he’s not going to “cut” any players (see SC) and he’s pretty stubborn to change his whole coaching style. So I would assume that the first blow would be to his assistants, to bring in some new blood to tweak some things. Am I crazy to think this?

  • Anonymous

    jon, do you think Randall Carroll can eventually be as good as Desean Jackson?.. they seem to be similar players in my mind

  • eddieboomboom

    One answer that gives a consolidated recruiting review would be great. Heimuli and Barr are my two biggest questions, but any light you can shine on all would be appreciated.

  • Anonymous

    Scott Wolf wrote this article on Lane Kiffin’s half-hearted way of offering Norm Chow a job:


    Can you confirm this story and is it enough to give Kiffin the title of biggest fool in college football?

  • Anonymous

    Could Mike Leach keep Bruin football players from “going over the wall?”

  • San Diego Therapist

    Why was Morrell Pressley not a bigger impact this season? Was he just too far down in the depth chart or was there something else going on?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks Jon for your fine work…

    In December, you said the Bruins were on the verge of getting a major commitment. Did that turn out to be Yarnell?


  • Anonymous

    What is Ben Olsen doing (beside your podcast) these days? Does he get paid for the podcost work or does he view it as an internship toward a possible career in sports broadcasting?

  • Andy

    Didn’t get this answered, so I’ll try again:

    Why did you take down your post that said:

    “Just tried Norm Chow twice and his mailbox is full, just got off the phone with Rick Neuheisel, he says he doesn’t know anything yet and is calling me back.”

  • OswegoBruin


    How did the recruits enjoy their visits? Are you hearing any feedback?

    We have not heard much from Owa or Barr. I feel like these are key recruits. Do you hear anything regarding their status?


  • Big Woof!

    I’m a bit upset (unless my question from last week is one you still intend to get to). Here I ask a legitimate question about a potential recruit for next year (Woodson Greer of Serra) and you don’t answer it, but do answer lame questions not pertaining to UCLA about hot dogs, late night TV hosts, and old, old golf funeral jokes (that one passed by years ago)?

  • Johnny Angel

    Since Howland running the team into the ground this week produced such miserable results this weekend, and since it is illegal to withhold food and water, do you think it is fair to say Howland has lost this team?

  • mike04

    What is Stan Hasiak’s status? Is there still decisions to be made, or is there a conclusion, but no one is saying it yet? What’s the issue here?

  • Kevin Frankel

    Michael Roll drafted into the NBA? Michael Roll having a successful basketball career overseas? What’s wrong with you guys? Michael Roll is a terrible college player. His man scores a career high pretty much every time out. He has no speed, no quickness. He should not be on a Division I scholarship. UCLA stinks because it relies on him and Dragovic. I hope Roll gets his degree because he won’t get an offer to play basketball anywhere in the world.

  • Anonymous

    What does Neu think of signing only 1 DT in the last 3 classes? Does he think that position isnt important? It seems UCLA will target elite DTs, but never ends up signing any. Is Todd Howard to blame?

  • Rico Bruin

    Can we BAN that idiot lawyer john the scum troll??

  • Peter


    Why isn’t Moser and Lane getting more time? They can miss just as many shots as Dragovic, but they’ll be here next year. Don’t you agree that we need to develop the young talent?

  • Scott

    In the chat with D4, someone mentioned Shirley being a Silent. Can you confirm?

    Also, any updates that you have from the past few recruiting weekends would be greatly appreciated.

  • Robert Howe

    How much do you know of Reeves Nelson. It disturbs me that he laughed after missing the front end of an 1 & 1 last Saturday, and he was laughing after fouling out at the Stanford game. Both times we were losing. Does the kid or, for that matter, does the team have any pride at all in wearing the UCLA uniform?

  • BDB

    Last year, we arguably had a Top 10 recruiting class in Football. Where do you see us ending up this year? Top 10 again? Or Top __?

  • Anonymous

    Can we BAN that idiot spedjones who like to post under the name Lawyer John to rile up his fellow UCLA fans?

  • Anonymous

    what football recruits do you see having UCLA and USC as their final two choices?

  • Anonymous

    Should Mark Sanchez have stayed in college another year?

  • Semi-Pro


    Pants on the ground. Your thoughts?

  • whirlybird

    Does Neuheisel still have his helicopter?

  • Anonymous

    Best hamburger joint in town?

  • SNN

    Hey Jon, you’re doing an amazing job!

    Do you believe “lawyer john” or “be real” has a job? Because he’s on your blog every second of every day. And do you think he was beaten up by a bully who was a BRUIN fan, thus explaining his inferiority complex?

  • Fan4Life

    If you were in Chuck Bullough’s shoes with the difficulty UCLA has in getting DTs, what defense would you run? Or what measures would you take to offset the DT issue?

  • Anonymous

    What did you think of Neuheisel’s speech at the basketball game? Does it seem like he wants to start his relationship with Lane Kiffin is a positive way?

  • Fan4Life

    If you could change one aspect of UCLA to improve the football program, what would be it?

  • Seattle Bruin

    What football recruits are enrolling early?

  • Joe B.Ruin

    As of right now, long-term success headed for bb team or fb team?

    I think it’s great that Howland manned up and said it is his fault for how poor bb team is right now, do you think more criticism from fans is justified? This is his team, his recruits, so it’s a joke that team is this bad while Pac-10 is down.

    I’m confused, didn’t UCLA recruit better players than USC, and maybe I’m wrong but I thought first yr coach USC too. Do you feel ucla really has no excuse for playing this poorly?

    Aside from how bb team is playing this year, who do you feel has better value to purchase tickets, bb or fb team?

    Why is bb team not as fan friendly compared to fb team?

    Do you feel bb program caters to high donors more then the regular joe?

    Why doesn’t bb program try to go after younger fans like the fb team?

    Clearly I have season football tickets, and feel as a whole, past and current, they care more about their fans. Even when bb team was winning, I still think bb program and how they market it to fans is a big bore, and seem indifferent to their core fans…unlike the fb team. Thoughts?

  • williscop


    There was dialogue this past weekend about whether or not CRN roots for the PAC 10 (and specifically SC) during out of conference games and bowl games. Can you ask him or find the answer? If I’m wrong and he doesn’t root for league, I will gladly share I was wrong.

  • bibs

    I enjoy your work. Is there any way to delete posts that are totally trash,show lack of class or just plain racist? What happened to Ramona Shelbourne,a really good reporter. How come Jeff from Tarzana doesn’t write to you?

  • Adam

    If Howland is serious that things need to change then why doesn’t he bench certain seniors (I’m looking at you Dragovich) that aren’t playing well offensively or defensively and won’t be around to help next year anyhow? Why aren’t Lane and Moser getting much bigger minutes? If we are going to get blown out anyhow, might as well get these guys some experience.

  • Joe B.Ruin

    Why is Milton Knox in the dog house? last few games barely played.

    Do you think a top QB recruit should be recruited every year? What does Ben Olsen think (podcast)?

  • Zebra

    In football, when a penalty is committed, how does the ref indicate to the other team what the options are, and how does that team signal if it wants to accept or decline? Who on the UCLA sidelines makes that decision and communication?

  • Recruit

    It’s my understanding that football recruits get 5 official visits. For Owa, the link you provided showed 5 visits, but not visits to Oregon and Oregon State. How can they be in the mix if he hasn’t even made an official visit?

  • Flipper

    What is the long-term impact of losing Nottingham, and what does the coaching staff think about it?

  • Beat Reporter

    There is some chatter out there that Lee, Honeycutt, and Anderson were informed of the starting lineup changes by reporters before they learned it from Howland. What do you know about what transpired?

  • Proud Parent

    If UCLA brings in a class of 25 recruits, does that mean Neuheisal himself has personally visited each of the recruits’ homes?

  • ucla fb = .500

    Do you feel fb team most likely in trouble in a few yrs, now that they will most likely settle for another 3 star qb recruit? Prince will not stand on field long to gain consistency…his nickname could be Gentle Ben.

  • Assistant

    How would you evaluate Chuck Bullough’s first year as defensive coordinator? What will be his stiffest challenge for next season?

  • Critic

    When is it more time to see more of Lane and Moser and less of Dragovic and Roll?

  • Anonymous

    Jerime Anderson: has potential but legitimately hampered by injury…or just really that bad?

  • Anonymous

    The Chow non-story not withstanding, doesn’t UCLA face a huge problem in paying assistant coaches enough and the general hassle of trying to live in L.A? What does Neuheisal do to mitigate it?

  • Admissions Counselor

    It seems nearly impossible to get juco or other transfer football players (see Mobley and Warner) admitted. What is the status of Lazeric Jones’ eligibility and admitability?

  • Comrade

    How would you describe the relationship between Howland and Dragovic?

  • Correspondent

    During the whole Norm Chow saga, did you consult with Scott Wolf (and vice versa) at all about who knew what and how reliable it was? Or was it every reporter for himself? What guidance did the editors provide you?

  • Bobo

    What is the long-term outlook for Morgan?

  • labster

    How many coaches is a football team allowed, and are there regulations on what types of coaches you are supposed to have? How many coaches does UCLA have? If not the max, why not?

  • Anonymous

    Could you put the questions in bold face and the answers in plain face? Makes it easier to read. Thanks.

  • Wyatt

    What’s your take on why coach Howland sticks with Dragovic so loyally despite massive underperformance on both sides of the ball? If this year has shown us anything, it’s that inexperience can really hurt a team, and other guys could probably make better use of his minutes.

  • David

    Can you run down what happens on an official visit from the kid getting off the plane Friday to leaving for the airport Sunday?

  • gilligan

    Mr. Gold, I have a two part question, first assuming your prediction is correct that UCLA might finish below .500 does Neuheisel’s seat start to warm up and the second part, considering that USC will have a new coach next year, who needs to win the rivalry game more, Kiffin or Neuheisel? Thank you in advance.

  • Anonymous

    Is there any truth to the rumor that USC fans are living proof that at one time in the past man had sex with the buffaloes?

  • Anonymous

    What is the status on Jordan Zumwalt?

  • Anonymous

    What Pac-10 players do you see getting drafted in the upcoming NFL draft?

  • Resource Guy

    Hypothetically, if we go 3-4 as you mentioned as a very slight possibility in the Podcast, would Jones, Holmes, Tepa, Graham, Bryant (if he signs), OWA (if he signs)become OLB’s or down linemen. They all seem too big for OLB’s but too small as down linemen. Beings that we have a ton of talent at that position it would be a shame to play them out of position.

  • Thurston Howell III

    So relative to UCLA, USC has a bunch of mediocre basketball players and absolutely no reason to do anything but sleepwalk through the season after being shut down by their own department, yet somehow they seem motivated.

    In that respect, is Ben Howland being out-coached by Kevin O’Neill? In the head-to-head and on the season as a whole (so far).

  • BigDbruin

    I have watched every game BH has coached and can’t remember one game where he has out coached his opponent. Can you?

  • BigDbruin

    I’m lookig at the recruit rankings for PG’s in 2010..And you mean to tell me that BH can’t get a kid to come to UCLA vs the likes of Dayton, Mizzou, N.C. State, Memphis, ASU, Florida St among others. What does this tell us about his ability to recruit and sell his brand of basketball to recruits especially guards which are so important in NCAA BB?

  • Anonymous

    Two of the commits at DT seem to be on the light side for division 1. Do they bulk up in the weight room, move to another position, or are the stats on their weight out of date?

  • Anonymous

    Where will Christain Thomas commit?

  • Anonymous

    Where will Chrstain Thomas commit?


    Look i know that Mens sports matter most but when will you give COach Caldwell some love?She has the potential to be a Pat Summit i know its a big comparison but she comes from that program!She is awsome and will put the Lady Bruins on top! THOUGHTS?

  • BruinFaithful

    What happened to Earnest Thomas? Did we not show him any love? Did he decide to stay closer to home? Any chance we get him back or have we BOTH moved on? FYI, I liked him. I thought he was a a BIG hitter with the MidWest toughness we need.

  • BruinFaithful

    What happened to Nottingham? Did we not show him any love? Did he decide to stay closer to home? Any chance we get him back or have we BOTH moved on?


    why dont you give Caldwell the love she deserves!She can make us the Vols of LA!

  • Anonymous

    I totally missed it, what happened with Hasiak that has him in the dog house?

  • BruinBall

    Will the poor basketball season have any effect of the refurbishment of Pauley Pavilion?

  • Mike H class of 90

    With us seemingly in good shape at OG (Baca returning starter, Williams returning starter, Taylor, Kia and Savage returning with previous starting experience) is there any talk of one of those guys moving to DT – maybe Savage since he has previous DL experience?