Skipping the hoops press conference today…

…so that we can have an impromptu Super Tuesday chat. I know it’s not Super Tuesday. I know it seems like an average Tuesday. But there’s a lot of stuff going on, and I’m sure you guys want to talk, so let’s do it.

How does 2 p.m. sound?

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    Some of those comments by guys like Reeves Nelson and Malcolm Lee are gems.

    As long as recruiting is the focus, I’m in.

  • Jewin

    Sounds good to me. Is there any way to keep trojans out?

  • KillaKick

    Alright Jon. What would we learn from the press conference? More about how we played horrible against the trojans? If Howland gets us to .500 this year I will be impressed. Im in.

  • Hibernating

    I would love to hear about the recruiting weekend, and are we getting some recruits turning to the up and coming Bruins, versus, losing recruits…

  • Anonymous

    Sounds good to me. Is there any way to keep talk of anything trojans-related out?

  • BruinChick


  • Anonymous

    Anon 12:30pm, I doubt it. Even Neu can’t do it.

  • I would also like trojans to be banned from the chat.

  • WTF

    Can we ban Wolf and Painter?

  • Anonymous

    I thought I sent my comment in around noon, but it didn’t post, so here it goes, again even though the chat is in process:

    Jon, you are a reporter first and a fan second. It may pain you to sit and listen through the press conference, but don’t you think Howland will discuss the upcoming games…Washington and Wasu?

  • UCLA78

    I agree with Anon @ 2:48 p.m. The press conference is more important. Coach Howland could discuss lineup changes, strategy changes, suspensions, new practice routines, or a million other things. The UCLA *beat reporter* should be there to cover it.


  • Anonymous

    Jon acts more like a fan than reporter. I agree.

  • cliq

    agreed. covering press conferences is the job. adding these other things is what may make you unique. but you can’t forget the first part.

  • Anonymous

    can someone tell me the hot news that was discussed in the chat today since i wasnt able to make it. Need the info from the greatest university ever

  • Anonymous

    I personally hate chats. Am I alone? I couldn’t even get into today’s chat because it was full, and there is no way to see what was said in a chat after it completes. Even if I had gotten in I would have had to sift through all the crap posts saying hello and all the non sequiturs. I thought the idea of a blog was that I could read and follow at my own pace and not miss information because I got locked out of a chat. I understand the idea of interaction but isn’t that why the weekly q&a were so successful under Dohn.

  • Anonymous

    The biggest news is when SUC gets the death penalty, Lame Kiffin is going to be hired to clean jock straps at UCLA.

  • Vegas Odds

    Yeah but in Neuheisel’s world the jock strap cleaner runs interference when one of the bookies he uses sends an enforcer to collect lost bets.

  • Anonymous

    Toejams have a lot of ego for having such a crappy football program, they haven’t won a national championship in over 30 years. As soon as the sanctions come, all those 2003 and 2004 as well as 2005 wins will be vacated. CHEAT ON!!!

  • Anonymous

    Can Jon Gold talk to Scott Wolf and get him to ban: spedjones, Charlie Bucket, yoda, UB, VB, Cheat Carroll, PeatStinks, Cheat On, CheatForever, CheattheSystem, Lame Kitten, silverlake-bruin, BlueBruin, Lloyd Lake, RodneyGulliory, Unemployed USC alum et al. from the Inside USC blog?

    As much as I like to see them get embarrassed when trying to take on Wolf, it eventually gets worn out and haggard. Like VB’s mom.

  • Mike H class of 90

    Interesting article – Kiffin in a solo crash over the summer?