Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

1) It Randall Carroll the KR/PR for next season? – Spencer
I’d expect Josh Smith to get the first look.

2) Sorry, I have a few more questions. Considering the big recruiting weekends over the past few weeks, I am a bit surprised that we did not get a few more commitments. Were you surprised by this as well, or were you expecting this to happen? – Bruwin5931
Well, UCLA is in play for its biggest recruiting class in a while, and the best recruits tend to wait until later to commit. That’s the double-edged sword here.

3) Also, the Yates commitment was a bit of a surprise. Although I know we need defensive linemen, are the coaches worried with the recruitment of Owa at this point? As far as I know, Yates was offered a scholarship during this weekend. Considering the timing of this offer, I am a bit concerned that this may be a reaction to the progression of Owa’s recruitment. – Bruwin5931
Owa sounded completely torn when I talked to him earlier this week. I believe UCLA is in major play, but he is torn. When a guy is torn like this, and you get the chance to get an immediate commitment, you take it.

4) Do you think the Nottingham decommit had anything to do with the hoopla surrounding USC and Norm Chow? Seems like a legitimate change of heart, but the timing is interesting. – Vin

I’m sure that didn’t help the cause, but everything I’m hearing on Nottingham was that he basically played UCLA.

5) How did the big recruiting weekend go? Besides Yates, any other non-committed players interested? Heimuli,Marsh,etc. – Anonymous
It went well, very well, but the immediate dividends were not there. No major commitments. Heimuli, Marsh are both very high on UCLA but are going to wait.

6) Name your final 5-7 recruits that you think we land? – Anonymous
Heimuli, Pullard, Jefferson, Epenesa, and some form of Zumwalt/Marsh/Riley/Barr. Maybe two of those.

7) I just asked Wolf the same question – LK was not SC’s first choice, so what is the thought process with SC (which is possibly going on probation) hiring a coach whose previous program is already being investigated in his first year at Tennessee? – tim warren

8) Who do you think will be our Kick returners and punt returns will be next year? – Anonymous
Josh Smith, Randall Carroll, Damien Thigpen.

9) Jon – any recruiting updates for basketball? What’s your take on Lazeric Jones? We need some impact players, pretty badly, based on this season so far – do you agree? – issixit
The latest on McCallum and Ziegler is that they both really like UCLA…but also really like their other finalists. I think it will come down to the end for both. This losing isn’t helping. UCLA doesn’t need immediate impact players like you think, but guys who will grow into major roles as their careers progress. Lazeric Jones is a good defender with decent offensive ability, but won’t be a major scorer.

10) Our offense is terrible…do you ever see Ben opening it up? Are we the worst free throw shooting team you have ever seen? – Anonymous
It all starts off with the little things, and on offense in particular, UCLA is BRUTAL at the little things. Pathetic attempts at screens. Awful boxing out. Zero penetration. I don’t blame Howland for this. I think it spiraled out of control faster than anyone imagined.

  • g2ucla

    Lame Kiffin in Chino today, visiting Don Lugo and Uko.

  • Boston Bruin

    I’m amazed in college basketball today how poor the Free Throw results are for even the best teams: Texas 40%(!) and Kansas St 62%

    With all the concern with teams learning various shooting drills it seesm that having players able to shoot 80% would make a big difference in close games.

    But then our Bruins haven’t lost many close games…never mind!

  • Anonymous

    This is what LK is saying to recruits re: sanctions

    “I talked to Lane Kiffin on Monday,” Baxter told KUSI. “He talked about the Reggie Bush thing (possible sanctions) but he told me the worst that could happen would be some losses taken away but nothing that would affect me or my teammates in the future.

  • El Maton

    USC kids committed to USC because they liked USC, plain and simple. stop trying to read more into what isnt there. Ucla will get some more good committs but i dont see any of USC’s studs jumping ship, esp since Kiff and Coach O can recruit (ethically or unethically as you can). its recruiting, not for the meek and weak!!

    i hope Randall C gets more opps to show his talent

  • Mike H class of 90

    I’m not concerned, Anon. I’m not surprised that kids that have already committed to ‘SC are sticking with it. They still have a great deal of talent and “swagger” and will be good for a couple of years. I can’t see Kiffin being able to keep up with Carroll’s legacy in the recruiting dept, however.

  • Anonymous

    So Nottingham goes to Stanford to learn the game from a journeyman pro QB and his Off Cood who specializes in receivers.

    Why would he spurn the chance to learn from Norm Chow who coached 8 of the top 14 career passing-efficiency leaders, and 13 quarterbacks who rank among the top 30 in NCAA history for single-season passing yardage including: Steve Young; Philip Rivers; Robbie Bosco; and, Heisman Trophy winners Ty Detmer, Carson Palmer, and Matt Leinart.

    Maybe he just wants to play at home close to family.


    Remember how we all tore McCallum a new one when Jon qouted him as saying he wanted to come in and start immediately. Not much of an issue now. The starting PG position is available.

  • spedjones

    As much as I hate to admit it, CRN is going to get whipped by Lane Violation when it comes to recruiting. We simply can’t compete with USC so we have to identify niche players for our system.

  • spedjones

    Haha! I love it! My stalker returns. While I agree that Lane’s a great recruiter, I’m much happier with him at the helm that PC. It’s a downgrade to the program. It will just take a few years for it to become obvious.

  • bibs

    Don’t forget the academic requirements to get into UCLA are a major factor in recruiting. Any idea why the QB from Notre Dame H.S. is not being recruited?

  • BruinFaithful


    I NEVER tore McCallum a new one. I’m the only one or one of the few who stood up for him and cheered his desire to excel and contribute immediately.

  • BruinFaithful


    Ryan Kasdorf, the QB from Notre Dame, has a weak arm and can’t run. Any questions? Have you noticed how many offers he has? There’s a reason.