Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

1) Is Yates expected to play on the DL? – JoeSmith

2) Why has UCLA struggled on QB depth over the last 10 yrs? – Joe B. Ruin
Awful, awful luck. Way too much turnover (particularly at offensive coordinator). Poor performance.

3) We keep Chow, so why did we lose a top recruit to Stanford this late? Fair to criticize CRN and Chow, this is their specialty? – Joe B. Ruin

This is pretty clear an anomaly. Flips like this don’t happen very often.

4) Thoughts on having only two real QB’s into spring ball? Crissman not having any shot, rest are walk-ons. – Joe B. Ruin
I think UCLA’s quarterback situation is fine.

5) Do you think UCLA will land one of Heimuli-Marsh-Uko? – JoeSmith
Yes, and maybe two of the three.

6) Jon, what are our chances of landing Anthony Barr? – Ray
Very high, but still not a gimme. The longer he waits, the less UCLA’s chances.

7) Is christian Ramirez done at ucla? – Ray
As a running back, yes.

8) Hi jon, just wanted to know if Morrell Pressley is sticking at Tight End, or moving him outside to reciever. Also, are his physical tools similar to Nelson Rosario? – Ray

Presley is a WR and physically he’s probably a little stronger than Rosario, but Rosario moves better at the moment. Presley could catch up.

9) If Hasiak and Sua-Filo aren’t at UCLA next season, can the O-line really be better? – BruinBall
Yes, the O-Line is more than just one person.

10) Also, do you plan to ever cover any Bruin baseball or does the Daily News focus mostly on just the revenue sports? – BruinBall
The DN focus is football and basketball, but I’m certainly interested in some baseball features and game stories.

  • Anonymous

    I think UCLA’s quarterback situation is fine.

    mcleod bethel thompson


    That was very funny.

  • Anonymous

    It was a great experience playing QB so well at UCLA

    Kevin Craft

  • JP Losman


    JP Losman

  • John Barnes

    Hey, what’s wrong with walk ons?

  • DJ

    Hey Mcleod I could swear that could only come from MP…am I right? MP from Fiesta st? Great line.

  • Jake

    Ryan at BruinsNation does the best UCLA baseball coverage out there. Most in=depth and for sure most knowledgeable. Recaps of every game, preview of every series, insight and a very detailed season preview. He’ll be at media day on Fruday too.

  • D’Jango

    Now if only he could get Nestor out of there…

  • Jake

    BruinsNation has its issues, but if you’re just talking UCLA baseball, there isn’t a single place better. No one is even close and you can ask questions or email Ryan and he’ll always give you all the info you can in addition to the posts.