Weekly Answers, Pt. 6

1) Last year, we arguably had a Top 10 recruiting class in Football. Where do you see us ending up this year? Top 10 again? Or Top __? – BDB
If UCLA gets 75 percent of its remaining targets, top-15.

2) Should Mark Sanchez have stayed in college another year? – anonymous

3) Pants on the ground. Your thoughts? – Semi-Pro
Good in theory, but hard to walk. Oh, the song?

4) If you were in Chuck Bullough’s shoes with the difficulty UCLA has in getting DTs, what defense would you run? Or what measures would you take to offset the DT issue? – Fan4Life
I’d look to all different positions to try to fill the gap. But I would still stay in a base 4-3, perhaps with an optional 3-4. Don’t think UCLA has a real nose guard, though.

5) What did you think of Neuheisel’s speech at the basketball game? Does it seem like he wants to start his relationship with Lane Kiffin is a positive way? – Anonymous
He did what any coach in his position would do.

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  • Anonymous

    The comments at the game were a little tacky, not Michael Cooper “f*** UCLA” tacky though. Seemed like the stuff Kiffin was doing at Tennessee to get attention.

    Hate to see coach sink to that level.

  • Anonymous

    Losing the basketball game probably didn’t help the “we’re going to dominate football just like we do basketball” speech either.

  • lame kitten

    Anon, he had to say that. It was a pre-emptive strike on Kiffin’s eventual and inevitable bs. Rick’s smart to have done that in that arena with that moment. Any coach will agree considering the circumstances, like Gold said, and Kiffin and what type of person he is.