Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

1) Will Josh Smith start immediately at the 5 next year? That would make a decent lineup: Anderson – Lee – Honeycutt – Smith. Do you agree? Will this team play in March? – Anonymous
Smith is an intriguing prospect, and the more I watch his video, the more impressed I am. Here’s the latest video I watched – Smith Video. For a big man – and he is a BIG man – he has a deft touch, and pairing bulky Smith with renegade Nelson is a dangerous post. With Honeycutt and Lee on the wings, and just ONE more guy stepping up, that’s a potentially lethal squad. Until I see him adjust to the college game though, I remain cautious. Regarding this team and March – barring a miracle run or a P10 Tourney title, no.

2) Do you see J’Mison Morgan getting any major minutes in the next two years? – Anonymous
Until he gets better defensively, no, which is unfortunate, because I like his offensive game.

3) Will Howland land the PG from Detroit?? – H8T SuC
Last I talked to him, he was completely up in the air and planning to wait out the process. Too early to tell.

4) Ben has resisted using a zone defense from day one. Even when we were so outclassed in final four games when offenses were killing the man on man he refused to make coaching changes. WHY!! – BC
That same stubbornness is what makes him a great coach. Coaches have systems, and they recruit players into those systems, and when those players leave early, everything is thrown off. When you’re as good as UCLA was in the mid-2000s, why install a scheme that you don’t want to use and haven’t practiced?

5) UCLA’s football recruiting class finish nationally? – Frozen Puck On A Stick
And the award for longest username goes to…oh, sorry – eighth.