Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

I really enjoyed reading your observation on the Barr commitment. However, I believe that getting Malcolm Jones was just as big in terms of “selling the program.” Considering he is a great student, that RB is not a position of need and his accomplishments in high school (Gatorade National Player of the Year), I believe that Neuheisel did a great job of showing what UCLA has to offer Jones (in football and beyond). And while he may not have the versatility of Barr, Jones did play LB as well as RB. Do you agree with this, or still think that the Barr commitment was bigger? Thanks for your time. – Bruwin5931
Both are definitely huge. Jones might have the more immediate impact – and establishing an Oaks Christian pipeline is major – but the Barr commitment just strikes me as a major long-term get, particularly against Notre Dame.

Does it appear CRN may be focusing on offensive skill players, of which he was criticized for at Wash and Colorado? – Joe B. Ruin

Look at who might close out this class. No.

With talk of the pre-NFL draft running backs you don’t hear anything about Stafon Johnson. Do you think he’ll be drafted? If not, would a strong senior bowl help? – Anonymous
Obviously, as it stands, Johnson is more of a story than a prospect. No one knows how he’ll respond to the injury. It takes a hell of a lot of courage to resume his career in any way. If it works out, good for him.

Do you think that, as a coach, Ben Howland will gain more from this season then the seasons he took UCLA to the finals? – cfcfan


Is Mike Moser redshirting? – Anonymous

No, but he’s out of the rotation for now. Has to work on his jumper and his patience.

  • Anonymous

    Good answer to the Stafon Johnson question.

    This isn’t a U$C blog. This is UCLA. I hope the guy recovers fully from that horrifying accident, but I couldn’t care less about what he does football-related.

    To all those toejam trolls hanging around here, STAY OUT!

  • BruinBurd

    That’s right!
    I agree about Jones! I am just as excited for him as Barr. I am really interested to see how they are 2 years from now. We haven’t had a great RB since MJD! Hopefully one or both of these guys and JJ will just become a punisher, a home-run hitter that really opens up the passing game!


    Can we please re-institute the 50-word limit on questions? I really want to know what you have to say, Jon, but a couple of these questions just keep going and going.

  • Anonymous

    A classy letter to Stafon from the CEO of Under Armour, who is sponsoring the senior bowl.

    Dear Stafon,

    On behalf of the entire Under Armour family, I would like to personally congratulate you on your participation in the Under Armour Senior Bowl. Your presence on the field will not only elevate the level of play, but also will serve as a powerful reminder of the tremendous courage, determination and strength you continue to display in the face of adversity.

    Thank you for inspiring football fans around the world, and allowing us to share in your remarkable recovery. More importantly, thank you for showing us how a true champion is built.

    At Under Armour, we challenge each other to “protect this house, I will,” which we loosely define as fighting with all your energy for that which is most important. to you. In the 13-plus years since I founded the company, I would be hard-pressed to find an athlete who has fought more honorably, or diligently than you. While we cannot begin to imagine the physical pain and trauma you have endured, we do understand and appreciate the magnitude of your efforts to return to the game.

    I remain proud of your accomplishments and humbled by your journey, which has only just begun.

    Humble and hungry,
    Kevin Plank
    Founder and CEO Under Armour