Leading the Charge

UCLA head coach Ben Howland again mentioned the team’s willingness to take charges against the Cougars, a point of emphasis in practice that had fallen by the wayside.
Nelson and Keefe each took a charge against Washington State, eliciting an excited reaction from Howland on the sideline.

“Before the game on Saturday he kept talking about it every practice,” Nelson said. “I looked over at the bench when I took my charge. He talks about Alfred (Aboya) sometimes, just the toughness, do whatever you can do to make the team win.
“But it’s not really instinct to want to get run over.”

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  • Anon

    I love the kid… but based on some his recent comments, his actions at the end of WSU game, then his demeanor at the press conference, I see some trouble…

  • lavsmousse

    Its being reported that Cassius Marsh has committed to the Bruins. He posted it on his facebook page.

  • Anonymous
  • Daniel Sagerman

    Cassius Marsh to UICLA!! HUGE GET FOR UCLA!!

  • MaltBaa

    Looks like Dohn was right about Marsh… Look forward to Golds take.

  • If it doesn’t fit you must acquit

    lets go jon where are you man!!!!

    you better have an interview with the kid

  • Lifetime Bruin Fan

    Jon we are waiting for the good news about Marsh, what is taking so long?

  • BruinFaithful

    FFFFFFF YES!!!! I told you guys last week.

    Greg Biggins had the right scoop last week.

    Where are the idiots trying to make record comparisons between CRN and Duhrell. Duhrell would have NEVER had the stones to go up against LSU for a recruit.

    Good times ahead my fellow Bruins. SUC is scrambling for 3 star recruits, meanwhile UCLA is busy stealing splashy recruits from big time programs.

    That’s 2 so far from your list Jon. More to come.

  • BruinFaithful

    Looks like your boy Huffman beat you to the scoop Goldie.

    Our recruiting class is starting to look like a clear sky at midnight.

  • Mikael

    This is a good get. Unfortunately another of our DT commits could be jumping ship. http://www.cougcenter.com/2010/1/26/1271538/40-dt-julious-moore-to-de-commit

  • BruinFaithful

    Or like the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

    Hey SUCFANFORIFE and Dodgers5555,

    Dinner is served bitches.

  • BruinFaithful


    That freaken story is bogus and retarded. WTF, would CRN grey-shirt our second best DT recruit, at our biggest position of need? Maybe the rumors from the last 3-4 weeks, that Moore might have a low non qualifying score are accurate.

    Thus, CRN is offering Moore a Grey Shirt a la Taniela Maka? Hmmmmmm.