Cassius Marsh verbally commits to UCLA

Oaks Christian defensive tackle Cassius Marsh flipped on LSU and committed to UCLA last night.

In more ways than one, this is massive (besides the implications of Brian Dohn’s prediction):

First off, Marsh is big and quick enough to compete for playing time immediately on UCLA’s thin defensive line. Marsh was an absolute beast for Oaks Christian – I saw him play four games, and each game, he was a man among boys. His size is obviously going to be less of a strength in college…but his hand speed and lateral quickness are absolutely striking.

Secondly, this says incredible things about Rick Neuheisel’s closing skills. Fans saw it last year with Su’a-Filo, Carroll, Presley, etc. Now, Neuheisel really seems to be turning the corner and hitting top speed. Marsh, on top of the recent commitment of Anthony Barr, not only helps to continue solidifying what is undoubtedly UCLA’s best class in recent memory, but it also proves that Neuheisel won’t give up on guys. That’s one of the things that made Pete Carroll great.

Thirdly, it proves the sway one teammate can have over another. Malcolm Jones wanted Marsh as a Bruin and he got him. Certainly these things are rare – how often does the same school have the No. 3 running back and No. 8 defensive tackle in a class? But it also speaks to the program’s ascension.

Here’s Marsh’s recruiting profile: Marsh

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  • ESbruin

    HUGE recruit for a desperately needed position. Great commentary Jon.

    BTW, what did Dohn predict?

  • ace up sleave

    I’m back! When Dohn said UCLA has an ace with Marsh and here I am.

  • Slippery Pete

    Thanks for keeping the computer and phone on late Jon. Lets keep on closing!!!!!!!!!!

  • lbcbruin

    Yo Gold, Nice, Late Late Post! Uko & Hemulili come on down.


  • DFlinn

    Dohn predicted Cash to UCLA waaay back last March I believe.

    Huge get for UCLA and Coach Neu. Now we just need the two of them to get in the ear of Erik Kohler and Nick Montana… now wouldn’t that be something lol

  • PeterUCLA

    Jon, thanks for working overtime and giving us night owls a jump to the great news.

    I can’t wait for your blog coverage on signing day.

  • Bruingold82

    This is fantastic news! Especially since Rick and Chow were in Utah trying to close Heimuli this weekend. We definitely aren’t putting all our eggs in one basket.

    I’ve watched a couple Oaks Christian games, and I was always impressed by Marsh.

  • romeojam

    Gold. Thanks for the late night post! You rock!
    If you work this hard out of your comfort zone, then i cant wait to see how u operate when you’re actually in it. Dare i say pulitzer??? Keep up the great work !!!

  • Bandguy
  • Beautiful! Love the momentum going into signing day… I’m still hoping for someone great out of the blue…

  • awash

    What a trade! Nottingham for Marsh. I’ll take that any day.


    Jon’s next interview with Marsh:

    Me: Cash I hear to switched to UCLA
    Him: No
    Me: Your not with UCLA?
    Him: No
    Me: Are you with LSU?
    Him: No
    Me: Are you alive?
    Him: No

  • H8T SuC

    WOW!…Let’s keep em coming RN!…Great Job Gold, Thanks for the early big news Go Bruins!

  • MaltBaa

    marsh for nottingham is not really a trade. if we can get zumwalt that could be considered a trade, but i like your thinking.

  • BobtheBuilder

    DFlinn i beg to differ…..Nick Montana is terrible and a bunch of hype!!!!

    Trust me we don’t want him and we should be glad Washington is stuck with him!!!

  • Mike H class of 90

    Is Marsh still 270? Hard to contribute much as a freshman if that’s still accurate. Nice pickup, though! Great to see him for the next 4/5 years.

  • Mike H class of 90

    Ah…found an Oaks Christian link that has him at 6’5″, 288…nice! Give him a summer of lifting and he’ll be in good shape for next season.

  • Rico Bruin

    WOW!! Great News!!

    Let’s keep this train a rollin…

  • spedjones

    So does this mean everyone on this board will cheer the f up? Bunch of Donnie Downers over the last few weeks.

  • BruinFaithful

    Wonders when USCFANFORIFE and Dodgers5555, will be back to eat their crow for their January 16th comments.

    “USCFORLIFE said:
    Do not get your panties in a bunch bruin fans. 4-5 star athletes consider UCLA but they commit to USC. You do not need to worry Marsh is going to LSU. Thanks for all your fodder over the past week, but remember who owns the ROSE Bowl and it is not a cuddle bear. Fight on… pray for the hail mary… and count the USC national championships. Thanks for keeping it classy Westwood.”

    “dodgers55555 said:
    USC fans are back not to eat crow but to serve YOU some of the S*** that Howland served up today….Cassius Marsh exclaimed his love for LSU last week at the Army All American game, but I wouldn’t expect any misinformed Bruins fans to know that. These kids each get 5 FREE visits to schools, don’t you think they’re going to take them? WHERE IS THE BASKETBALL MONOPOLY IN LA? OUR BASKETBALL TEAM HAS A NEW COACH, WORSE RECRUITING CLASS AND IS ON PROBATION AND STILL WON BY 21 POINTS…ITS NOT BRUIN ENVY BUT THE COMEDY OF IT ALL THAT BRINGS US HERE. AND BY THE WAY YOU CAN HAVE RANDALL CARROLL AND MORELL PRESSLEY IF THAT’S WHO YOU’RE REFERRING TO…THEY’LL BE KICKED OFF THE TEAM IN NO TIME ANYWAY.”

    Dinner is served.

    EAT ON!!!!

  • Russ

    No it is not a UCLA town yet, but it sure as hell is no longer an $C town. Rick continues to make major inroads with his recruiting and it will pay off with more wins each season. Open wide you grumbling Trojans, bitter pills are tough to swallow, especially when they are the size of Buicks. Wimper on.