On the Marsh

The wheel of fortune that is Cassius Marsh’s recruiting seems to have finally stopped, and it appears Rick Neuheisel is heading to the bonus round.

The Oaks Christian defensive tackle verbally committed to UCLA on Tuesday night, potentially filling a huge position of need for the late-charging Bruins.

Marsh, rated the No. 8 defensive tackle prospect in the country by Scout.com, originally committed to Cal in late April before decommitting a month later, eventually flipping to Louisiana State in late October. After playing in the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio in early January, there were rumblings that he might want to stay closer to home. He remained a Tiger commit until Tuesday night, when Neuheisel and Co. lured him back to Southern California.

“That’s the way it is today – at this point, I’m saying and he’s saying he’s going to UCLA,” Oaks Christian head coach Bill Redell said. “He went to Cal before the season even started – he’s really a good kid, and I think he kinda doesn’t like to say no to some people. He’s impressed with all these guys, and he should be impressed with them. But he kind of got his heart in front of his head sometimes.

“When he went back for the Army game, he was away from home for a week, and I think he recognized – and this shows some maturity – that he didn’t like being away from home.”

Marsh’s commitment is the latest in high-impact gets for the third-year UCLA coach, after Loyola running back/linebacker Anthony Barr – Scout’s No. 10 outside linebacker – picked the Bruins over Notre Dame on Jan. 21.

More importantly, Marsh comes from the hotbed of talent that is Oaks Christian, joining UCLA along with Lions teammate Malcolm Jones, the No. 3 running back in the country.
But most importantly? Marsh will join a Bruin defensive front decimated by the departure of superstar defensive tackle Brian Price to the NFL and the graduation of Korey Bosworth, Jerzy Siewierski and Jess Ward.

“He’s 6-4, 280 pounds and he can run a 4.8 forty probably, if not faster,” Redell said. “I would think he could come in and certainly challenge for playing time. Price leaving had some significance in him choosing UCLA. But a lot of people think he could be an outstanding offensive tackle. I know for a fact that many colleges had some ambitions about switching him over to offense.
“His heart is on defense – but when he finds out how much money they pay offensive tackles, he might change his mind.”

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  • bruinbiochem06

    OT make more $$$ than DT?

  • UCLA ’64

    It’s fortunate that he decided against going to Berkeley because their fans are calling him an “idiot” and implying that he’s baby and going to change his mind again. Why have the recruiting wars gotten nastier than politics?

    Welcome to UCLA, Cassius, and I hope you have a great football career and an even better career as a student.


    Yup, I’m the money position, unless the QB is left handed šŸ™‚

  • Haven’t you seen the Blind Side? If you have not, they do an excellent job of explaining why OTs make so much more than DTs. Plus, it’s a great, true story.

  • Anonymous

    You’re right ’64…much like how some Bruin fans on here were calling Nottingham a baby…

  • Anonymous

    To anon at 8:57pm

    They don’t make more $$$ than Albert Haynesworth. That’s for sure.

    Moral of the story – go play your pro game in Washington DC. They have an obsession with paying their top athlete in each sport an ungodly sum. (Kind of like USC) Just don’t bring a gun into the locker room.

  • Coach Thom

    Cassius joining the Bruin family is a tremendous boost for our FB program and an intelligent move on his part. Following in the footsteps of Brian Price, and the door he has opened to the NFL, is a very smart decision. Welcome to Westwood, Cassius, and enjoying dumping Barkley and other smug QBs on their collective a$$es next season. You are the Real Deal.

  • Anonymous

    Marsh is definitely a redshirt candidate. Everyone who is familiar with him doesn’t think he is ready to contribute right away.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think we’re really in any position to redshirt this guy. People don’t fully understand how much we lost on our D-line. Everyone focuses on Price (and for good reason), but we also lost Jerzy, Ward and others. We are dangerously thin. I don’t seem him starting right away, but considering DT is one of the easier positions for a recruit to translate into the college game (compared to O-line), I see Cassius making the 2-deep by midseason. I’m excited about this guy, and even happier if we can land Heimuli also.

  • Anonymous

    DT is not easier to recruit. Its by far the most difficult position to recruit, especially on the west coast. this aint the south

  • Reformed Droog

    @Anonymous 1:03AM

    You, sir, are proof that reading comprehension is impaired when you are sleepy…

  • UCLA ’64

    Anonymous, the one who answered my post by saying, “You’re right ’64…much like how some Bruin fans on here were calling Nottingham a baby…” (I would call you by name, but …

    There’s a difference between a couple of Bruin posters running a kid down and two long threads on the Berkeley board deriding someone for his grades, his mental capcity, and his ability to make up his mind. There were only two Berkeley fans in all those posts who said anything positive.

    I repeat, “Why have the recruiting wars gotten nastier than politics?” That’s the real issue.

  • Sleepy LaBeef

    I resent that remark, Droog…

  • Anonymous

    “That’s the way it is today – at this point”

    So does that mean it might not be that way tomorrow?

  • Reformed Droog

    @Sleepy LaBeef

    There’s an exception to every rule. Let’s hope you are exceptional.