Riley to announce on ESPN on NLI Day

St. Francis safety Dietrich Riley – profile here – will announce his college decision on signing day on ESPN.

UCLA is still in the running, but Riley is picking up interest from many schools, including USC, Ole Miss and LSU.

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  • Bruingold82

    I think its USC 60% and UCLA 40% to get Riley’s services. If he picks USC, I still wish him the best. He seems like a good kid and he has had nothing but good things to say about UCLA once he met Neuheisel and saw the campus. Here’s hoping he joins our already stellar recruiting class.

  • Tustin Dave

    I believe that SC is making a push to get as many kids signed before the sanctions are announced. With all the kids that they already have at safety, it is a bit surprising that they would be putting so much effort into Riley. However, he is such a good football player that he could play RB, S, WR, or even LB down the road.

  • MaltBaa

    He is just playin with the collective taint that is LSU and Ole Miss

  • theuclan

    I’m hearing both Riley & Pullard have both given silents to usc.. SC still being able to convince kids to go there they must already know the sanctions that are looming will be minor if anything…

  • Dr. Mario

    Wow, a lot of ignorance (and Trojans) in these previous comments.

    First off, almost everyone in the know has Pullard to UCLA, even the USC sites. (See UCLA and USC sites on Scout, Rivals, and ESPN).

    Next, everyone has Riley leaning toward UCLA (see Biggins’s latest report and posts by USC’s own Scott Schrader). This 60/40 stuff is nonsense. You have no idea. Riley has been leaning to UCLA for the last few weeks.

    Last, Zumwalt is torn between UCLA and Stanford. Last time I checked, torn doesn’t mean dropped. Zumwalt eliminated USC, but Kiffin has hounded him this past week, and he agreed to give USC one last shot. USC is in last place here, with major ground to make up.

  • Anonymous

    I think ‘sc needs to worry about how they’re going to convert all those WRs into LBs and DLs, which they sorely lack in this recruiting class.

    Oh, and by the way, Lane Kiffin is the HC…and it’s not April Fool’s Day.

  • Anonymous

    There were reports that Zumwalt was going to announce yesterday???

  • H8T SuC

    ” It has been widely reported that USC’s new football hierarchy is in full attack mode, going after recruits long-committed to SC’s arch rival, UCLA and using less than polite recruiting tactics in doing so ”

    i am not surprised to hear that Lame is doing this…

  • Anonymous

    The Rivals site has made an error on both Pullard and Zumwalt. This was cleared up earlier.

  • “Count” Smackula

    Anon-y-mouse says: SQUEAK!

    Is there anything in the world more unreliable than an anonymous post with “insight” into the decision making process of teenagers under pressure?

    At least make up a name, like Anon-y-mouse.

    I also hear USC has three silent “pull-outs” …at least this makes sense…no teenager wants to commit to a school and then find out a few weeks later they are on probation or that their scholorship is taken away. Ouch! Imagine the ridicule they will suffer from their classmates! I remember HS and if that happened the razzing would have been brutal!! SQUEAK!!

  • Anonymous

    Riley announcing on ESPN doesn’t look good for UCLA. Nobody does the “hat trick” on ESPN and chooses UCLA. They’d be the laughing stock in the football world. They just meekly and mildly tell people they’re going to UCLA and don’t make a big deal about it. Almost as if they were ashamed.

  • Anonymous

    The bRuins can’t hang, even with all the drama over at USC. Just admit it. USC is just on another level. Reality check coming on Wednesday.

  • Mike H class of 90

    Yeah, kind of like posting under “Anonymous” – kind of like you are ashamed of the crap you’re posting…

  • Dr. Mario

    Wow, the trojie Trolls are out in full force today. They must really be sensitive about the gains that Neuheisel is making at UCLA. Otherwise, they’d probably be back on their own sites telling Scott Wolf how stupid he is, or complaining about Mike Garrett.

  • East_Bay_Bruin

    Anonymous needs to get two things: 1) A sack. Post under a real ID instead of being an anonymous SCum fur ball. 2) A brain. The Pullard leaning to SC rumor is just that and has been widely debunked by people who follow this recruiting very closely, along with people who know the kid and family. Toejam wishful thinking. Same with Zumwalt. Lame Kitten is putting on a massive push…why? Because SC has swung and missed accross the board on LBers. Aparently that position is stacked with smart kids. Zumwalt said recently…in an INTERVIEW that it’s a two horse race period. Stanford and UCLA. He may have given a courtesy visit to SC but he said previously with the NCAA stuff looming he has “no interest in getting into that.”

    Here’s another little tidbit…it’s been reported that at least one blue chip recruit (current SC verbal committ) who asked if Kiffen would accept a Scholarship Agreement (Kiffen said no) has told people close to him that he has crossed off the Trojans but won’t make it official until signing day when he chooses another school.

    Trust me….sanctions are coming and they will be brutal. That’s why Kiffen is putting his foot down on scholarship agreements. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that they need to lock these kids down before the penalties hit. If nothing was going to happen, or very little, Kiffen would say, “Sure…scholarship agreement is cool.” Because he would know that most schools rides would already have been filled up and if the penalties aren’t that harsh these kids would still probably stick with SC. The hammer is coming and it’s angry! SUC on.

  • theuclan

    let’s hope rivals has made a mistake and the reports are false…either sc knows the sanctions are minor or they truly pay these kids to play in south central…

  • Lifetime Bruin Fan

    Dr. Mario, I like your style, KEEP POSTING, you keep my spirits up.

  • theuclan

    i see that on BRO Hayes Pullard no longer has ucla as HIGH on his interest level it now says medium? last week it was high??? Have you hear anything Jon?

  • I’m really just scared that Lame Kiffin is going to be calling our plays this year and have to hide behind an anonymous posting.

  • Anonymous

    So much misinformed stupidity to adderss here.

    First, WRT to Riley announcing on ESPN. Just last year Xavier Sua’Filo made his announcement on ESPN.

    Second, since it was rumored that Riley was going to wait to hear about the NCAA before making his decision between UCLA and USC, it would seem that either he doesn’t care or already knows and has made his decision accordingly. We well see who it is in 6 days but I’m betting he sticks with his longtime favorite.

    Third, Mike Farrell is an east coast hack who knows dick about West Coast recruiting unless $uc’s involved. He also said there was no way Anthony Barr would choose the Bruins over ND and Cassius Marsh would stay put despite everything we heard. He may be a decent talent evaluator but his finger is far from the pulse of most of the recruits on his recent list.
    Point being, Pullard will be a Bruin by this time next week.

    Fourth, Zummwalt is going to visit $uc despite rumors that he had dropped them. But he seems like a smart kid so he should be able to see through the gaseous fog of lies and stupidity coming from the Kiff-Ogre.

    Aside from Pullard, it’s hard to say. These guys are good recruiters.

  • H8T SuC

    Toejams are crawling up in here….why???


    “Riley announcing on ESPN doesn’t look good for UCLA. Nobody does the “hat trick” on ESPN and chooses UCLA.”

    I clearly remember XSF doing the UCLA hat trick on ESPN last year, hey wait didn’t you SUCers recruit him hard?

  • anonymous

    Does Riley qualify to play at UCLA with a 2.5 core GPA?
    No SAT? Has the SAT qualified?

  • spedjones

    unfortunately, my fellow bruins should be concerned about Pullard. Riley was always SUC’s to lose – if he ends up a bruin, it’ll be a win. But don’t panic, at least one trOJie will flip to UCLA next week.

  • theuclan

    Jon it would be nice if you could just delete everything the sc tools post here…

  • spedjones papi


    Trojans come over here when they get tired of guys like spedjones (or as you know him – the fake Lawyer John/Be Real), bruin nc, charlie bucket and what’s your deal over at Inside USC.

    I swear they all seem to put up more posts there than here.

  • H8T SuC

    @ Sped Papi

    i have noticed that..i just think that SuCkers are seeing more activity with new Bruin recruits….

  • Anonymous

    If D Riley doesn’t make it in football, he could probably get a gig on Jersey Shore.

  • spedjones

    Complaining about SC trolls is like worrying about the next SC NCAA violation – you know it’s going to happen and you know there’s no way to stop it. Takeaway is don’t worry, be happy.

  • Anonymous


    Why DO you troll every day on inside u$c?

  • Boston Bruin

    This guy is #16, you make him sound as if he’s the next coming of Rahim Moore who was #2 his year, when he may well be more like E.J. Woods, who was #9 and where is he playing now? AutoTech Community College!

    Reilly has all those in a lather about his intentions just where he wants them…thinking about him and his debut into the limelight via an ESPN microphone.

  • spedjones

    because it’s fun. trOJies are too easy to rile up and too dumb to fight back.

  • Charlie Bucket

    so sugar sweeeet the trOJies are coming on here, not to comment, but to try to get Bruins from coming onto wolf’s blog!

    geez louise, what cry-babies! but as Sped says, that’s what makes it so fun! i mean, we make one little harmless remark or point out a simple fact and some of those old buzzards go absoulutely ape-sh*t!!

    now, how can that be wrong, when it feels so right?

  • Anonymous

    “how can that be wrong, when it feels so right?”

    Charlie Pedast’s favorite line.

  • $uckaFREE

    Man I don’t understand how some of you clowns from FUCLA feel the need to run your mouth all the time about anything USC? The main reason nobody cares about the USC-UCLA rivalry is because you can’t uphold your end of the bargain. Even in a “down” year for SC ya’ll still managed to lose 28-7 and then you got your coach parading around Pauley Pavillion showing off that prestigious Eagle Bank Bowl trophy talking about his right to claim the city….WTF!? He can’t even wait until you clowns win ONE game against us before he starts talking sh*t! Bottom line is that a team that revels in mediocrity can’t talk shit, a team that is a bottom feeder in the conference can’t talk shit, and a team that appears on the national radar once every 10 or 12 years can’t talk shit. And for the people that talk about the impending sanctions like its the second coming of Christ I think your gonna be disappointed when the smoke clears.

  • Bruingold82

    Today on this ESPN blog, D4 Riley said his best recruiting moment was committing to SC. I haven’t really seen this anywhere….. Did he just commit there?

    Scroll down the article.

  • Anonymous

    The Pasadena Star News reports today that Riley has UCLA at the top of his list. He says their committment to considering running offensive plays for him is a big selling point. I have my fingers crossed!!

  • Anonymous

    The Pasadena Star News reports Riley has UCLA at the top of his list. UCLA’s committment to running offensive plays for him is a big selling point. I have my fingers crossed!!