Weekly Answers, Pt. 6

1) Would I be too optimistic to think that Hasiak will be back on the team? – Ryan
Hasiak is still in limbo – we’re all kind of just waiting. I would lean toward optimism.

2) And on a recruiting note, do you believe that we will round out the class with Pullard, Jefferson, Heimuli, Marsh and possibly Dargan/Riley? – Ryan
No on Dargan and Riley.

3) Looks like Chase Stanback is doing alright with UNLV: 10 and 5. He didn’t look too good at UCLA, did one year make a difference? – anonymous
One year, yes, and his role is drastically increased. Everyone’s numbers go up in increased minutes.

4) Could USC run of success in recruiting be over, considering UCLA has chances with recruits that are no longer considering USC such as Cassius Marsh, and Ricky Heimuli? – Anonymous
I wouldn’t say it’s over, but UCLA certainly is not as far behind as it was a few years ago. Like I said a few weeks ago, USC still has Broadway and Park Place, but UCLA put hotels all around.

5) What is the difference between an official and unofficial visit? Are there certain things you are not allowed to do on an unofficial visit? – UCLAVES
Officials are paid for by the school, unofficials by the student. Here’s a good explanation I found: http://www.ncsasports.org/blog/2009/11/04/the-truth-about-official-visits/

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  • Pennsylvania Ave.

    No, it means U$C has BOUGHT the most expensive properties, but that UCLA has developed the neighboring properties to the extent that they are now more valuable than Boardwalk/Park Place.

    Guess you’ve never played Monopoly. No wonder you guys didn’t understand CRN’s reference to it being over.