Weekly Answers, Pt. 5 – Early Edition

1) Scout has Owa going to Oregon or Nebraska. Do you think we have a chance with him, still? – issixit
Yes, UCLA has a chance, but I still see him going to Nebraska.

2) They also put D4 at USC. What about all the hoopla in the previous two weeks about him being a UCLA lean? – Issixit
I think Riley was always for a reason NOT to go to USC, rather than a reason TO go anywhere else.

3) Finallly, do you have any contact with Biggins at ESPN or Brandon Huffman at Scout, or are you all trying to out-do each other? – issixit
I have never spoken with Biggins, but I can undoubtedly say that without Huff’s help, I would be completely lost this season. I have only known him for a short time, but he has become a valued and trusted resource. More than that, he’s become a friend. He, Tracy and Robert Kuwada do a fantastic job over at Scout, and while I certainly don’t enjoy being so thoroughly beaten on recruiting news, I consider only consider the other newspapers my “competition.”

4) Okay, we’ve seen the Bruins up and down a bit and seen most of the PAC-10. Who wins the league and where does the basketball team finish? – BruinBall

Cal wins the league, UCLA finishes tied for third.

5) Bruins went pretty hard at recruiting Adbul Gaddy, but he honestly didn’t look like he’s was that big an impact player (so far). Thoughts and his performance versus UCLA? – Bruinball
He had a mediocre game against UCLA – led the team in steals and assists but scored just two points – but there were flashes. He’ll be a player.

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    Just got into work, nice early post! Thanks Jon!