Weekly Answers, Pt. 7

1) Do you think UCLA will land Brandon Dunson, Trey Zeigler or Ray McCallum? – DK
One of the three, with Zeigler the best bet.

2) Who is this QB Clayton Tunney on the roster and where did him come from? – Anonymous
Don’t quite understand all the hoopla on him. He is a transfer from UC Davis who was on the roster almost all season as a scout quarterback. He has served an LDS mission and is 22 years old and from La Costa Canyon in San Diego.

3) What happened with Klay Thompson? Did he have an off day or did we do something right? – Anonymous

4) The zone seems to be a great thing for the bball team… Is it a function of a) the players we have, fitting them better, b) lack of zone in the Pac-10 with other teams less prepared (or maybe they can’t shoot), c) a real change in philosophy for Ben or d) a temporary fix for the inexperience of the team, with a eventual (gradual) replacement of Ben’s man-to-man over time? – Matt A

ZERO chance at replacing man-to-man, but certainly an option moving forward.

5) A follow up to Curious Guy’s question. The yelling guy never is on the band end of the court, so he can only distract shooters during one half, is this because ucla won’t let him switch because of some perception that its unfair to the other team? – loyolaxman
I just don’t think he wants to buy two tickets.

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  • Anonymous

    In my opinion, the yelling blue-hair guy has become an integral part of our home bball games and is comparable to the ‘I need every man woman and child…’ guy at the Rose Bowl games. Not sure if UCLA gives that other guy tickets for each game, but I’d hope they would do the same for blue-hair man.

    Speaking as a student, it’s pathetic and appaling how Pauley ‘sells out’ tickets to older alum who barely cheer their team on. It’s disgusting when I see the arena half-filled, and most of those alum in the good seats are giving a slight golf-clap to our players, only rising to their feet during the last minute of a close game. The students and the true fans in the rafters are the ones making any noise. The blue-hair guy is the only one on the floor doing so.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    The “yelling guy” at the UCLA BB games is Mark Kowal. He has some disabilities, but I am not sure exactly what they are. He loves UCLA basketball and football. His brother works in the video department at UCLA. Usually, he is accompanied by his mother. There have been articles written about him. Once, at a recent game, I was sitting in front of an alum who called him an idiot. I had the pleasure of truning around and telling this moron that Mark actually has some developmental disability, but is a better fan than the fat-azz alums that sit on their wallets all game long. I told him if all the fans at Pauley had the enthusiasm of mark Kowal, this place would be rockin’. Give mark some slack — and some love. He is just a fan’s fan.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    And BTW, Anon 1040, the “Every Man, Woman, & Child’ guy — Geoff Strand, pays for his tickets to the Rose Bowl. He just gets a field pass.

    I do agree, though, that Pauley’s fanship sucks nowadays. “Back in my days . . . .” Pauley would be rockin’ every game. Even the exhibition games.

  • Anonymous

    I’m that anon. Just never bothered to create a screenname.

    Thanks for the info. I agree that we need more fans like Mark and Geoff. Great guys. Great Bruins.

  • Boston Bruin

    Back in the day, even Ray Manzarek (UCLA student before being in The Doors) went to the BB games. Not sure if Jim ever made one as a student.

    They were the best early evening entertainment in West LA before going out to hit the clubs.

  • Anonymous

    If it wasn’t for guys like Mark Kowal and Geoff Strand, UCLA sports would be like a morgue.

    For the student who complained about alums, you will find after you graduate that the UCLA administration encourages a low key, non-participatory atmosphere from the season ticket holders. UCLA has always had a fairly myopic stance on this but in recent years it has really gotten bad.

    I hear they are implementing “rules” to limit Strand now, and don’t forget Frisbee. He started the “Is this a basketball” cheer 30 YEARS AGO ago and now they tell him he can’t do it anymore because alums were getting too “hyped up” for the games. They are letting the student yell leaders lead it now, but frankly it is not the same, and is now directed at the student section instead of the season ticket holders as well as the rest of the entire pavillion.

  • CrouchingBruin

    What’s better for the athletic department as a whole, selling most of the seats to alums at a higher price so that other sports can get funded, or cheaper seats to students so that we get more cheering during games? I think you have to look at the bigger picture. Football & basketball are the primary sources of revenue for the athletic department, and it just makes better fiscal sense to sell as many seats for whatever price the market will bear.

    In any case, the amount of cheering is directly proportional to how well the team is doing. Back in the 70s, and even in the early 80s, Pauley was rocking. If the team is doing well, the crowd gets behind them. Maybe that’s not how it should be, but that’s the way it is.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    I did not get the ‘memo’ from the athletic department to keep it low key. In football, I sit at the 50 in Tunnel 19 and yell my azz off at every game. All of the alums around me look back at me in ‘disgust.’ I have also had several experiences at Pauley where I am being raucus and have had alums in front of me ‘cover their ears.’ I have never been told to ‘hold it down’ by the department. If it is an insitutional thing, it hasn’t trickled down to me. Frisbee is the Man when it comes to that cheer and he should be allowed to keep doing it! (He has always been the best at it.) As for Strand, he gets a little tiring at times, but at least he has umph! Remember ANON 104, that even 30 years ago in Pauley, we students had to yell “Stand Up! Stand Up! Stand Up! to get the old alums off their butts. No, I am the old alum yelling the same thing 30 years later.

  • CrouchingBruin

    Oh, and with regards to Mark Kowal, I remember sitting by him when he used to have seats in the upper corner at Pauley. In addition to his enthusiastic cheering, he would keep meticulous stats during the game in his program. When he first moved down to the floor-level bleachers, he used to switch to the other end of the court at halftime. I don’t know why he has stopped.

  • Don’t forget, casual or even rabid Bruin fan- you NEED people like Mark and Geoff. When I was a student, a fellow student of mine was “Captain Helmet”; he’d ware his football helmet to all the games, camp out for basketball like I did, and ware his cut-out basketball in Pauly. Without people like them, someone like me would be less rambunctious, because as long as I’m one notch below the “crazy guy”, I can be yelling and insane and still be “normal”, whatever that means.

  • Anonymous

    What happened Captain Helmet? He got a job with some TV network and disappeared.

    Kowal is great! Howland wanted him at the other end, but I think other teams complained. He’s my friend. Will ask him next time.

  • UB (Ultimate Bruin)

    I agree that Bruins fans these days are not so rambunctious — and they should be. When I visit other Universities, it seems that most fanship is at a higher level than UCLA nowadays. But, at least we are better than the “Chardonnay Crowd” at Standford. They only get excited if part of the cork drops INTO the bottle while de-corking it on the woodchips outside Stanford Stadium. This year, one of the “Crowd” took pride in tellings how the water around the stadium is pied in from the Hetch Hetchy resevoir in Yosemite — as he was washing his bag of grapes in water. No kidding! I even took a picture of the sign that proudly announced the pure water of Hetch Hetchy.

  • Anonymous

    I can’t believe you people show so little respect for alumni. That’s just pathetic.

  • dolphyfan1

    UCLA magazine had a feature on Mark and they described him as suffering from aphasia. The few times i’ve been to pauley, he is easily the best fan!

  • Anon

    We need to petition to bring back cape girl. She was the only thing that got the crowd “up”.