Weekly Answers Pt. 8

1) If UCLA gets a couple more recruits , say Jefferson, Heimuli, Pullard, and maybe Owa, who out of the recruiting clsss making a big impact next season. And who do you expect to redshirt and greyshirt? Also who may enroll early? – Anonymous
In order of potential playing time: Jones, (Owa), James, (Heimuli), Olaniyan, Marsh, Barr, Jefferson. Too early to say who’ll redshirt and greyshirt. I’ve only heard about Wade Yandall enrolling early.

2) Honeycutt getting back into it + the zone defense…do you think we have a chance to make it to the big dance? OR is the NIT in our near future? – Anonymous
With the Pac-10 so bad and UCLA seemingly finding some rhythm, I’d put it an NCAA bid at 50/50.

3) Who do you like in the Superbowl? – Anonymous
Who do I like? New Orleans. Who will win? Indianapolis.

4) Jon, is there a likely chance that UCLA can Pick up any sc commits like they did last year with R. Carroll – Lifetime Bruin Fan
Not looking too good.

5) With us seemingly in good shape at OG (Baca returning starter, Williams returning starter, Taylor, Kia and Savage returning with previous starting experience) is there any talk of one of those guys moving to DT – maybe Savage since he has previous DL experience? – Mike H class of 90
With the addition of Cassius Marsh and the possible additions of Ricky Heimuli and Sealii Epenesa, I’d say no.

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  • Anonymous

    Jon …you made it to OR…Nice, can you bring Owa back with ya?

    What is the latest with Zumwalt? ..is he announcing tonight?

    Can the Bruins sweep this weekend?

  • Anonymous

    You really give us a 50/50 chance? Really?

    I’m as diehard of a Bruin as anyone and i’ve bled blue and gold since I can remember. But saying that we legitimately have a shot at the tournament this year is crazy. Despite winning two in a row, we have 10 losses, many of them horrendous blowouts against poor opponents. Unless we go undefeated the rest of the way (I’d love for someone to take that bet), our only chance of making the tournament is to get hot at the right time and win the Pac-10 tourney. That said, I’d optomistically put our chances at 20%.

    Making the NCAA tournament should still be a goal, but we as fans shouldn’t watch the rest of the season with that hope. We need to see continuous improvement and team growth. If we can see that, with legitimate hope for next season, i’d say it will have finished up as a salvaged season.

  • Anon

    Do you feel that Olaniyan is better (more ready?) than Pullard at this point? Or was that just a mistake that you omitted pullard?

  • Sid

    Pullard projects more as a MLB, whereas Olaniyan is an OLB. Even if Pullard is “better”, just by virtue of the positions they play, I think Olaniyan would see the field before Pullard does, even if Jon just forgot to mention him.

  • Anon

    I wouldn’t get too hung up on where they are projected. If they decide they need help from the young guys at the WILL, I think they will put the best available guy there, regardless of where he projects in the long run (like they did with Reggie Carter). I’m not saying that that’s necessarily Pullard – maybe it is Olaniyan for all I know. I just found the omission curious.

  • Joe Wiemeyer

    UCLA class of ’66. In all the years of following UCLA football and basketball, I’ve never once heard the term grey shirt. I assume it’s some form of sitting out, but what exactly does it mean?