Fantastic article on Neuheisel

My former colleague turned bitter, hated rival* Ramona Shelburne absolutely smashed this feature on Rick Neuheisel today. Some incredible tidbits about Neuheisel’s college life, his change in philosophies and his attempt to grasp control of the LA football scene.

Here’s the link: CRN Feature

*For those who don’t understand sarcasm, Ramona is one of my best friends and is tearing it up at ESPNLA. We miss her at the Daily News.

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  • Reformed Droog


    I’m of the opinion that if people cannot understand sarcasm, they can just keep on walking.

    BTW – 3 hours to Jeopardy online test. Good luck.


  • MAKE IT HAPPEN DROOG! I can’t take it because I’m still in the system for this year’s shows. But I will cheer you on from Eugene.

  • samohopar

    I swear I was about to email you the link to this. Just awesome article, I’m mightily impressed.


    When I read the first words of that post I thought what is Jon Gold talking about. Ramona, and Jill for that matter, are outstanding objective sports analyists.

    Maybe some of the posters on the sports blogs might take a lesson from their objectivity, instead of spewing emotional, subjective, disoriented diatribe better suited for 11-year old girls.

    Only in my dreams!


  • ohh yea

    Ramona is my dream woman.

  • Anonymous

    Just read this,what do you think about D. Riley chances?

  • CrouchingBruin

    Most people understand sarcasm, but sarcasm can be a very difficult emotion to express in print, since it often relies on vocal inflections to be understood as such, and especially if the reader isn’t familiar with the subject(s) of the comment. Any new reader who didn’t know the relationship between Jon & Ramona could have easily mistaken his comment as being sincere.