Weekly Answers, Pt. 9

1) What do you think the depth chart on offense will look like come spring? – AnonymousPrince (Brehaut), Franklin (Jones), Coleman, Rosario (Carroll), Embree (Smith), Harkey (Fauria), Abele (Baca), Baca (Taylor), Maiava (Taylor), Williams (Kia), Harris (Capella).

2) So when are you going to post your bio? – AnonymousWhat do you want to know?

3) while it has much to do with how good they perform next year, do you see rahim moore or ayers bolting to the nfl after their jr. years? – Anonymous
No, both have a lot to learn about patience and gap assignment. For as good as they are, both are extremely raw. In other words…watch out.

4) Do you think coach Caldwell can put the Lady Bruins at the top of the PAC10?Do you agree she was a great hire? – BRUINBEATCH
I think Caldwell was a fantastic hire – anyone who learned under, played for, and coached with Pat Summit is a great hire – and I do expect UCLA women’s hoops to start climbing in the Pac-10.

5) Have you thought about making each q & a a topical thing? For example one day it’ll be all recruiting questions. Another day it would be all basketball questions. All football 09 questiings. All basketball recruiting. All hypotheticals and so on and so forth. Just a thought. – Anonymous
Questions come rolling in throughout the week, so it would be difficult. At some point, I will do more specific Q&A’s, though, because that’s a good suggestion.

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    in regards to your bio… how are we supposed to know what to ask if we don’t know anything about you? How about this: What are some of the formative things in your past that led you to your current job as the UCLA sports beat reporter?

  • Rico Bruin

    Smith and Fauria will get the nod on the starting O.

    I thought Capella was guard??

  • Anonymous

    Jon when is the next update on recruits or any type of news.??? 3 hours going now..!

  • Anonymous

    Embree and Rosario seem pretty locked in to starting spots at receiver. Smith may contribute, but I dont see him cracking the starting lineup next year.

    After all the things I’ve been hearing from Jon about Fauria, I would think he earns the starting spot. The question was posed as starting spots for spring practice, so it’s typically expected that those with experience get the first crack.

  • Driving to Eugene. Will post in about an hour. JG

  • H8T SuC

    JG you going to speak with Owa???


    Quick JON hurry UCLABZ is feening and having withdraws he needs his fix!LOL …….im only joking UCLABZ i know exactly how you feel!

  • bruinbiochem06

    I would think Presley would make the depth chart come spring.

  • Anonymous

    R. Carroll has been a disappointment.