Weekly Answers, Pt. 11

1) Will there be any more commits before signing day, or will the remaining prospects wait until signing day to announce? – Andrew from Placentia.
There might be one more announcement before signing day, but I expect the rest on NLI day.

2) Any word on football players who will compete in track and field? especially, Randall Carroll in the sprints. But also Thigpen (hurdles/sprints), Rosario (jumps), Savage (throws) and anyone else? – anonymous
Last I heard, all were competing, plus Sheldon Price.

3) How do you think the basketball teams recent struggles will affect our ability to land McCallum or Zeigler? Would theses guys see an oppertunity to get immediate playing time or will they look to teams that are doing better this year? – Bruin 2005
I don’t think it will affect them much. UCLA is UCLA, momentary setbacks and all. You go to UCLA not because of 2010 but because of 05-08, 1995, etc. etc.

4) Do you have any info on the julious moore decommiting rumors? – MaltbaaAs of now, he’s still committed to UCLA.

5) I am a huge fan of Marquis Jackson, who I think is more well rounded than his twin Malik.Can you find any J.C. video from last year or provide thoughts on him? Thanks Jon – Jed and Gold
Here you go – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P67n7qCgOjc, but that’s from HS. None from JC that I can find. I know he’s a beast speed rusher, and UCLA needs that now.

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