Early in-game chat today

These jerks at the Hilton Corvallis are kicking me out of my hotel room a little early, so I’ll head to the court a little early today. Which means…


We’ll get things started around 3-3:30 today, guys.

Thanks for reading, as usual,

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  • Anonymous


    about to go to five guys for the first time based off your tweet from the other day. I better not be disappointed!

  • Anonymous

    Jon, you didn’t give them the “Don’t you know who I am” line?

  • kiyo8

    jon u rock dude respond to my post with a chat notice awesome stuff gold
    dig us some GOLDEN news

  • ucla84

    Sounds like somebody had too many dancing girls and too much Jack Daniels in his room last night.*

    *Please note that our cordial blogging host enjoys sarcasm.

  • Mario DiLeo

    There’s a Hilton in Corvallis?

  • lbcbruin

    That’s right jon, let’em know!!!!

  • DoubleBruin

    Hey Jon, is that you in this video shaking Rahim’s hand at the 36 second mark?


  • Yup, that’s me. A portly Nikola Dragovic.

  • Anonymous


    Five guys was delicious! My wife and I are in Miami, and ate there a bit ago. Great burgers!

  • Anonymous

    Five Guys = good

  • Portly Nikola? Dude don’t sell yourself short. You look like Turtle from Entourage! Rock it!

  • Neuheisel’s Vegas Bookie

    I like how they chant “Beat SC”

    It’s cute.