Walton Interview, Pt. 3

What is it like to be a hero in both Los Angeles and Oregon?“Theyre going to cheer for me because they beat us. They’re sending the limo for me. They wouldn’t have invited me if we won all our games here. I’m a lucky man. I’m a proud and privileged man. To be able to be here representing UCLA – they gave me my start. I was touched today with all the students we talked to, the tour we took, the new baseball stadium, the fantastic equipment around the football stadium, to see the new Knight Center, the academic center – it just makes you really happy that great things are happening. The future is just so bright. It’s really what the American Dream is all about.”

What are you doing now?I’m starting my life over one my time. I’m building a business career based in San Diego.

Do you still follow UCLA?“I’m a loyal and proud Bruin, and I’ll always be a Bruin. I’m happy to be wearing my letterman’s jacket today. This is the official one. I had a great time at UCLA, the time of my life. My wife went to UCLA. My older brother went to UCLA. They gave me my life. Johnny Wooden, all my teammates. We had a really good team. A really good team.”

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