Walton Interview, Pt. 4

Did you ever see the Grateful Dead in Oregon?
“Saw the Grateful Dead play many times here in Eugene, it was fantastic. Autzen Stadium, Mac Court. Ken Kesey, Mountain Girl, Ken Babbs, the Merry Pranksters, all the guys. We’ve had a lot of fun here. We look forward to it again. I know that Further is coming to old Memorial Coliseum on March 8, and we’re going to do whatever we can to get there. We’re going to keep on dancing, and when they come back to Oregon and hear they’re tearing Mac Court down, they’re going to play Samson and Delilah, where they tear that old building down.”

What was it like playing Mac Court?
“Mac Court was so fierce. It was just such a great place to play. As a ballplayer, that’s what you live for. Winning at home is easy. You go out there and do it. But the true satisfaction in athletic competition is when you’re playing on the road against a good team that has great rabid fan base, and you just come out there and take it to them. But when you get your hat handed to you, as we did in March of 1974, oh my god, it’s the lowest feeling in the world. To see all those fans celebrating wildly at your expense. Ugh.”

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  • abc

    Why are you spending so much time on this Walton stuff when LOI signing day is so close?

  • Anonymous


    I want an Update on recruiting !!!


    Walton is a real interesting piece of work, certainly a product of the revolutionary 60s and 70s. He had a terrible stutter problem while at ucla, and I believe that kept him somewhat isolated. But he was always a smart guy, and when he overcame that speech impediment he was on his way– could not stop the guy from talking.

    He waxes poetic today because he has a new chronic problem– a serious bad back. So no wonder he takes each day as it comes, and is grateful for his life.

  • Anonymous

    When Jon has something to report he’ll report it. Can’t just force kids to commit somewhere the second u guys get bored.