Weekly Q&A

Hey guys,

fire away with questions for this week’s Q&A. Best question of the week will get 10 questions for a football recruit or hoops player if their choosing (please allow some time for the recruit , if needed.


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    Hey Jon this is more of a request than a question. Our firewall blocks facebook,twitter etc for obvious reasons. Would you please post updates as they occur on the blog? I know you mentioned posting them on Facebook and Twitter. Thanks.

  • g20bruin

    Is there a list of announcement times for Wednesday? And what station (espn, fsn, etc.) the recruits were targeting set to announce on?

    I’ve read that OWA will be on ESPNU and Jefferson will announce on Fox Sports. I’m not sure what time they are announcing though.

    Anyone know for Pullard, Zumwalt, Heimuli, Riley, Di Poalo? Any others I’m missing that we’re in the run for?

  • Powder Blue Balls

    Why are the heights/weights of recruits so varied between recruiting services? Where do the recruiting services obtain their measurables?

    Do you have any updates on this past weekend’s official/unofficial visitors to campus?


    Powder Blue Balls

  • BruinChick

    Is the pastrami at Agoura Deli better than Langer’s in downtown?

  • Anonymous

    Wow this might end up being a program changeing class that can help revive UCLA football like Pete Carroll’s that brought in with S Cody and a few other high profile recruits that changed that prgram around…
    Who starts or plays a lot this season from the recruits we’ve signed and you anticipate us to sign wednesday?

    Do you think this class marks that start of UCLA being a TOP 25 team moving forward in a another year?

  • Spencer

    What will your coverage be for national signing day?

  • Eric


    Keep uo the good work….get a lot of rest tonight because we expect you to be glued to your cell phone and your laptop tuesday night and all day wednesday!!!!!!

    Will there be a huge UCLA signing group at a restuarant or something like we had last year?

    Are there any surprise SC commits close to flipping? If yes how close?

  • cfcfan

    I can’t be the only person who thinks having a female bear mascot, repleat with longer eye-lashes and a cheerleader outfit, is not helping the image of UCLA football. Imagine a prized recruit sitting with his friends watching a Texas – UCLA match-up with all the pre-game pomp and circumstance. Out comes UCLA with two kids in a couple of bear outfits that look like they just came from a J-Crew photo shoot. Can we rectify this, please?

  • Et

    We rotate DT’s a lot…if we get Heimili can you see Marsh, Heimili, Epenesa, Moore and FLowers all playing this year?WHo redshirts?

    What about our commited DE’s? WHo do you think plays, who redshirts?

  • Eric T


    Name your preseason top 5 high impact freshman for next season and what we can expect from them? Including recruits you think might sign…i.e.Pullard, Heimili, Woods etc?

  • Dan

    I dont think I saw an answer to my last question..Do you think if Coach Bullough goes to the NFL because of success or gets let go because we have a drop off, do you think CRN would go after K. Norton as a DC? Is that relationship mended?

  • H8T SuC

    Hey Jon

    Will there be any UCLA commits announcing before SD?
    When will you start reporting news and updates on any UCLA recruits that are left?

    Giovanni Di Poalo said he is not an SC commit, is that true?

  • E

    We have a good problem as WR next year…if we magically fliped R Woods, would he be #2 or #3 on your depth chart?
    Would we do have double returns with him and Smith or would we use only 1 return man?

    What would your wr rotation be?

  • Anonymous

    Do you get a sense that players who came in during the Dorrell Era are feeling the change in the caliber of player coming in now? Is there a sense of urgency if they don’t perform, they either need to transfer, retire from football, or start performing?

  • theuclan

    which of any of the already committed players or any that might commit do you feel the coaching staff is more excited about getting? is there a prized recruit?

  • Anonymous

    With the eminent death of print media upon us, where do you see your career headed in the next 10 years?

  • Anonymous

    The renovation of Pauley Pavilion starting next year will create a new pricing structure for season tickets. The rumblings I’m hearing from many, not just a few but many, season ticket holders is that they will not renew. Add to that current game prices can be had for less than half face price on Stub Hub one must conclude that attendance will drop dramatically once construction is complete. Does the UCLA athletic department get this? Or are they in denial?

  • Ley

    Do you think having Kevin Prince with a year under his belt knowing the offense will give Norm and Rick confidence in the fact that they can take a shot down the feild with Rosario or Carrol. It seemed like last year we were reluctant to do so and just “move the chains”!

  • Mario DiLeo

    Can you sort out this Marquis Jackson mess? He was supposed to have passed enough JC classes to be admitted to UCLA and conflicting reports say that he does/does not have a high enough GPA to get in, hence the visit to $C over the weekend…

  • spedjones

    Jon – do you think you can get in touch with Uko’s coach after LOI day?

  • Anonymous

    the “eminent” death?

  • RXBruin

    Jon – now that UCLA has established a colossal connection to Oaks Christian, what other high schools which UCLA currently doesn’t have a great recruiting relationship with could be improved upon?

    Bonus question: in your travels to PAC-10 venues, where, in your opinion, is the best food and why?

  • bruinbrian

    Why is Moorpark so much better than Thousand Oaks?

  • bruinbrian

    What is your favorite place to eat in Thousand Oaks? I like Lupe’s on T.O Blvd down by the auto mall. best Mexican food ever.


    Jon, will you still drive your Toyota? For many years now the Toyoda´s family concern has achieved every major international quality test. I will not rule out sabotage until proven otherwise, since those malfunctioning parts were built in places away from The Empire of Rising Sun. Those envious & decaying companies who could not face the naked truth of losing the hegemony of world markets, must be investigated. If the charges are proven true beyond any reasonable doubt, and Toyota is found guilty of making mediocre vehicles in order to try to improve the bottom line, I´m glad the policy has backfire (After praying for the well being of their customers).Make no mistakes about it, I will be the first one to make them pay dearly for their mistakes. Thank you.


  • tommybruin

    There seems to be quite a disparity between the different player rating organizations. I realize some of this is just opinion, but some of it seems to be east coast and sec bias. The best example I can point to is Malcolm Jones, who won Gatorade player of the year but who espn has rated surprisingly low. Thoughts?

  • Scrubie

    Jon it seems like you are from the Ventura County area and i think you played jc football for Ventura College, what do think of Coach Mack leaving VC for Crespi? Do you think he could build Crespi like he did with St. Bonnies?

  • Bruin ’05

    Just a fun thought. I have been trying to visualize having both Barr and Ayers as hybrid OLB/DE on the field together. Does it sound to you like something that may work, is that going to sacrifice size for speed?

  • Anonymous

    What does TheCoolSub mean?

  • gilligan

    Greetings and salutations, I am a big time USC fan but I come in peace. Years ago I remember reading a recruiting article citing unique reasons recruits pick a certain school and the one that stood out was former Iowa RB Tavian Banks committing to Iowa b/c Coach Frye gave him a hug during his official visit. What is the most unique reason a recruit picked UCLA or any other local school? Thank you in advance.

  • INawe

    ^Wow… fake BE REAL is smoking lots of crack today. 😛

  • awash

    I’m really curious about why any recruit would want to sign with SC, not knowing the outcome of the NCAA sanctions.

    I guess if it’s just one year then most of the 2010 class would not be affected, but if it’s more then why sign without knowing. Would it not be more prudent to wait until you know what is going to happen?

  • awash

    Who has the hottest cheerleaders in the PAC-10?

  • Javy

    Where is Xavier Sua-Filo doing his mission at? I still feel like we arent going to be good without him.

  • BruinBall

    Reeves Nelson’s stats are pretty close to Drew Gordon’s (for the six games he played). So did they really lose anything with Gordon?

  • OCRick

    I have a two part question: (1) Why does your blog (and Wolf’s gossip site) frequently cause Internet Explorer to crash? (2) Will you please ask the IT department to look into it? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    What are road trips like for a reporter? What are all the reporters like? Any personalities?

  • San Diego Therapist

    On the Fox telecast of the UCLA-Oregon game, they apologized for the language that the student section was using and because it was loud enough that you could hear it quite easily over the broadcast. Are the Oregon fans the crudest basketball fans in the Pac-10?

    A few years ago, they went a little over the line with Kevin Love too, but they had a very personal hatred with him, because he’d spurned the Ducks.

  • Anonymous

    Are you ever going to cover Women’s BBall? We have a good thing going over there and it would be great to get Pauley packed when we play Suc. It would awesome to bring the old JR Henderson chant back for that game.

  • Un Galan


    Reeves Nelson has 2 matching tats, one on each shoulder. I see them everytime he goes to the line, but I can’t make them out. They look like ganja leaves…or maybe wings of an angel? Can you maybe ask him what they are and what they mean, or at least describe them a little more.


  • Anonymous

    What is the blue sleeve that Dragovic wears on his shooting arm? What does it do?

  • Anonymous

    My understanding is that Howland has never used a zone defense prior to this season. Is Howland teaching the players how to do a zone defense, or is someone else in charge of that?

  • Jon

    Obviously, fans are curious about the recruitng game this time of year and readers of the blog “expect” you to have some inside knowledge on pending commitments. Given, all your other DN responsibilities, how challenging is it to make inroads with parents, recruits, coaches, etc.?

  • Steve

    Where do you recommend we look for UCLA baseball news? Is there a site out there that does a good job covering it besides the official site?

  • diehardbruin

    Hi Jon,

    First of all, great coverage of UCLA FB recruiting! Just to let you know, I check this site 20-30 times a day hoping for the latest buzz. This is turning out to be an exciting recruiting year so many, many thanks for all the countless hours you have given to my information addiction on UCLA.

    My question is about your thoughts on CRN selling UCLA. Not many have brought this up, but last year CRN talked about a group of recruits collectively and consciously coming together to build a new foundation for a program. He said this happened for USC in 2003/2004. Lets suppose we land 4-5 big names like Zumwalt, Riley, Heimuli, Owa, etc in the next couple of days. Do you think the same collective new foundation is being formed at UCLA? Did they call each other up and say, “hey, looks like UCLA has a really strong class already..we can be the class that brings UCLA back to the national forefront if we all decide to go to be Bruins”


  • BruinChick

    Owa sounds like a great guy. Do you agree that we have a really good chance of getting him? I mean, I really don’t think he’ll go to Oregon State (yuck), and Nebraska is just so freaking cold and, well, it’s Nebraska…

  • Anonymous

    Is EJ Woods back with the football team? If so, how does he figure into the S/LB rotation?

  • Anonymous

    Can you give us some twitter url’s of basketball & football players and coaches? I asked a couple times before but you just ignore me.

  • BruinTran

    Jon, which member of the recruiting class of 2009 will have the greatest impact this year?

  • Steve

    It seems like football recruiting rankings are in large part dependent on size of a class versus quality. But don’t most schools pretty much offer all their unused scholarships?

    So the size of a recruiting class is mostly a product of how many guys they already have on scholarship, right?



  • Spencer

    Can you do moderated chats (where you choose the comments to reply to) instead of the current free for all?


  • youseela

    So you’re planning on holding out on us die hard bruin fans for two full days on the deals UCLA closed out this past weekend. I dont believe we deserve it; losing some trust here, my friend. However, knowing what you know, how high will the class rank?

  • Anonymous

    Do you know of any walkons that will be recieving scholarships? Andrew Abbott seems to be the leading candidate? Do you know anyone else that might be getting one?

  • bruin661

    Wat transfers do we have coming in? I know there’s a kid from Colorado.

  • BruinInSeattle

    Could you list the de-commits from SC — at least the ones that came as a surprise? I’m not necessarily talking about just the ones that went from the SC column into the UCLA column, but rather those that SC thought they were getting but ended up not getting. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside when SC fails at something.

  • bibs

    Are there different Letter of Intent dates for each sport or are they all the same? Everyone is concerned with how we will do on Feb.3,but what about basketball?

  • Mike H class of 90

    Since Brian Price officially opted to go pro, is he no longer able to “recruit” future Bruins or can he still be involved in hosting recruits, etc.?

  • UCLA3

    Sorry if this has already been asked…its more of a request…last year at the end of the big day (signing day)..Dohn recorded Neuheisel speaking to the media about each recruit and what they liked about them…could you upload that audio again this year. thanks.

  • Anonymous

    Will Jerry Neuheisel be a walk-on like his old man?

  • lasportsfan(noSC!!)

    In your opinion do you think Prince has the talent to develope into a truly great QB? and also what are David Allens chances of starting next year at LB? thanks

  • Anonymous

    RE: Bill Walton.
    Is it true that Walton was at a Grateful Dead concert JUST after he fouled out of a game at Pauley?

  • uclawc

    How pumped are you for the new Ben Harper/Relentless 7 Live CD/DVD coming out next month?
    I know i am.

  • la_bruin

    The crashing you’re experiencing isn’t likely a problem with INSIDESOCAL.COM or Internet Explorer. It’s more likely with your installation of Adobe Flash. INSIDESOCAL.COM runs Flash ads as banners at the top of the screen and I’ve noticed that some Flash objects that are served are of dubious quaity. Go to http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer/ and update your player. If that doesn’t work, go to http://kb2.adobe.com/cps/141/tn_14157.html to uninstall it then reinstall it by going to get.adobe.com.

    I’m going to commit heresy here by some of the readers but I want you to know that I enjoy the blog more with you behind it than with Dohn. Nothing against Brian, but there’s a youthful & honest enthusiasm behind your copy that I appreciate. And the podcast is really great. We really need more of those even if you have to do it over the phone w/ Ben. You do know that you’re the only independent UCLA podcast out there, right?

    Q1: With the commitments we have (and purport to have) do you see Chuck Bullough seriously moving to a 3-4?

    Q2: What’s the fastest you’ve driven going south on the 23 toward the 101?

  • Joe Mamma

    It appears Taylor Embree is untouchable, but frankly feel he has under achieved the last few seasons. Does this have more to do with the WR’s have underachieved?

  • lasportsfan(noSC!!)

    What was UCLAs recruiting class ranked last year? And how are some of the big names coming along?

  • lasportsfan(noSC!!)

    Is it a guaruntee that Xavier Sua-Filo comes back to UCLA after his mission? im a little confused on how that works, did Ben transfer from BYU?

  • Regarding recruiting and school rankings, how does one actually determine the legitimacy of rankings? Which sources are more credible? Rivals? Scout? ESPN? Scout and Rival seem to have similar overall rankings, but ESPN’s school rankings are completely different. Why is it that some schools with higher “star averages” are lower in the ranks than schools with lower averages. What factors go into these rankings and which would you trust more?

  • 909Bruin

    can you compile a list of players (in the last 6-8 years)that have done fairly well in college or even made it to they league you feel would have been bruins if they would have made it past admissions? I hear that Marshawn Lynch and Desean Jackson are two. thanks

  • Anonymous


    What about putting links on the right hand side of the page to the newspapers for the town of UCLA’s opponents each week?

    Dohn used to do this and it made it easy to read the clips in the other city’s papers.

  • Resource Guy

    Can you provide any insight to what GPA, ACT/SAT numbers are required by UCLA for football recruits? I know it’s a moving target, but Moore reports a fairly high core GPA according to his profile on Scout.com and it has been reported that he is having trouble qualifying.

  • Flexmonk

    If FBS schools allow 85 schollies on the roster with 25 per year, does that really mean if a school only uses 15 one year, they lose those 10 and cannot use 35 the next?

  • 909Bruin

    in regards to our ‘pipeline’ to Crenshaw…. Who did it start with and when? Also do u think the Crenshaw kids see UCLA/Westwood as a way of making it out of the ‘hood’ or do they see UCLA as a good football school?

  • Anonymous

    Did you and Ben Olsen play together?