Weekly Answers, Part 6

1) Reeves Nelson’s stats are pretty close to Drew Gordon’s (for the six games he played). So did they really lose anything with Gordon? – BruinBall
They certainly lost some talent and depth, but they gained in chemistry tenfold.

2) I have a two part question: (1) Why does your blog (and Wolf’s gossip site) frequently cause Internet Explorer to crash? (2) Will you please ask the IT department to look into it? Thanks. – OCRick
My IT guy looked into it, but he said it’s probably an issue with your adobe flash. Email me at jon.gold@dailynews.com and I’ll pass along the issue. Sorry you’re still having issues.

3) What are road trips like for a reporter?- AnonymousRoad trips are so much different than I anticipated when I was a 22-year old college reporter. I thought I’d tear up every town and meet a ton of people. Now…I go to the stadium/arena, dinner and back to the hotel. I got old really fast.

4) On the Fox telecast of the UCLA-Oregon game, they apologized for the language that the student section was using and because it was loud enough that you could hear it quite easily over the broadcast. Are the Oregon fans the crudest basketball fans in the Pac-10? – San Diego Therapist
I’ve only seen four road games, but yes, so far, they’ve been the loudest and craziest. I happen to like that, though. Passion is great. If anything, UCLA fans aren’t crazy enough.

5) What is your favorite place to eat in Thousand Oaks? I like Lupe’s on T.O Blvd down by the auto mall. best Mexican food ever. – bruinbrian
I’m partial to P&L Burger because I worked there, but I just ate at Marisco’s on Arboles the other day and it was great.

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  • Mitch

    I thought you liked the hotdogs at your Dad’s!!!

    Jon’s Dad

  • Ready to go in Texas. Go BRUINS!!!


  • Go UCLA!!!

  • PowderKegBlue

    Don’t mistake crudeness for passion. Just because they yell loud and vulgar taunts it doesn’t mean they are good fans. While I agree that UCLA fans tend to be mellow, I’d rather have the student section sit on their hands than yell and scream obscenities in front of families with children trying to watch a game.

    It wasn’t that long ago that UCLA chastised the student section for chanting F— $C. That incident was disgusting, but I was proud of the school for stopping it.

  • Anonymous

    Had a giro with fried zucchini at P&L burger on Sunday. Yummmm.