Inside UCLA Podcast 8 is now available

Here’s a link to the latest Inside UCLA Podcast with Jon Gold and Ben Olsen on National Signing Day.

Today’s show includes Jon’s exclusive interview with head football coach Rick Neuheisel on UCLA’s incoming freshman, so go to the podcast blog to listen to the show or subscribe via iTunes or your favorite podcatching application.

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  • Anonymous

    for some reason i am getting the podcast from the week previous. am i the only one

  • Blue Bruin

    Hoops chat tonight? So bummed…

  • Anonymous

    I am too

  • The National Signing Day episode is now loaded properly into the player and should play. Sorry for the confusion.

    The feed has been working properly the whole time, so subscribers on iTunes or via RSS shouldn’t have any trouble.

    As always, if you have any trouble of a technical nature with the blog or the podcast, please let me know

    Steven Rosenberg
    Daily News online editor

  • Fauxshow

    Great job, guys! Ben, you speak for all Bruin faithful and all who loathe that dum$ter of an “institution”.

  • Anonymous

    Ben Olson is definitely pro-UCLA, what else can you expect? He is a proud Bruin, and it appears he was leaning that way for a while, even aware of some of the tradition at UCLA before he arrived. To say that he is a ‘homer’ smacks of a bias against UCLA. Facts are facts, SUC has been under investigation, it is not a clean program. Even if one claims that SUC coaches knew nothing about Bush getting paid in a supposedly amateur role, why did those agents get access to SUC locker rooms and other areas? To admit that ‘bad stuff’ happens at all programs is being biased towards the trogans (oops sorry to also bash the teachers of the SUC WR); Ben is absolutely right on target about his views on SUC, and it is logically sound. They are nothing near biased or ‘homer’, just pure fact. If I was a recruit and knew nothing about SUC’s past history or their integrity issues before 2000, I would still look elsewhere based on what was being investigated with the Bush deal and the basketball farce, unless I prioritize money ahead of integrity issues. It is a shady program/’university’ to say the least, and to deny that Jon, you are either a closet trogan fan or a complete imbecile who chooses to keep his head in the sand.

  • Boston Bruin

    For all those Trojans who derided CRN for his lack of success in his first two years consider this:

    The number of 4-star, 5-star, Top 100 (Scout) players recruited by UCLA:

    2005 – 5
    2006 – 6
    2007 – 7

    This is what Coach Karl left him when he recruited his first freshman class

    2008 – 16
    2009 – 17
    2010 – 18

    By comparison in those years. USC had an average of 18 more top notch players compared to Dorrell’s classes, which was immediately whittled down to only +6 under CRN.

    It takes time to turn around a program, one has to stock the shelves.

  • Anonymous

    is Jon off today???????

  • H8T SuC
  • Anonymous

    anon @1100 AM – ben didn’t say the depth chart/playing time issue was the *main* deciding factor, merely one of the factors, and to ignore that factor would be to do a disservice to recruits themselves. Regarding the QB talent, think it is possible Ben believes Andrew Luck is a better QB than KP? Not much of a surprise to many. Luck did a decent job this year on a team that went 6-3 conf as opposed to 3-6.