Inside UCLA Podcast 9 – Jon and Ben on the Pac … 12

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In this week’s podcast, Daily News staff writer Jon Gold and former UCLA starting quarterback Ben Olson talk about expanding the Pac 10.

They also cover:

UCLA junior defensive tackle Brian Price’s decision to enter the NFL draft and how long players in both football and basketball should stay in college before going pro — and who do they think will go pro in the next year?

* Jon and Ben look at UCLA’s football recruits and what they can do for the Bruins. They wonder, is the team too young?

* Jon and Ben make their predictions for UCLA’s record for the next football season

* Ben talks about the 2008 football season and how the team would have done with fewer injuries, and how UCLA can keep the talent level up through better recruiting

Jon and Ben talk about the near and not-so-near future for the UCLA basketball program and the Bruin’s Valentine’s Day rematch with USC. And ask such questions as:

* Can a freshman basketball player be a team leader?

* Should lesser football players leave a school like UCLA for better playing opportunities at a smaller school?

* And could Jon have been a prep football star at a different high school?

* Jon interviews Bruin freshman forward Tyler Honeycutt and senior shooting guard Michael Roll on their thoughts about facing USC on Sunday, Feb. 14 at the Galen Center.

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  • Steve

    Great podcast Jon. You and Ben have good chemistry and insight.


  • Blue Bruin

    I think talk of the Pac 10 expanding is pointless. Doesn’t make any sense, and it diminishes the integrity of competition. In Pac 10 football, all teams play each other once, and in basketball, all teams play each other twice, with nice traveling pairs already in place. I think it’s a travesty what the Big 10 and ACC have done by messing up the good things they had going. And Big East basketball is a joke–way too many teams, and far too stratified.

    For the record, Texas isn’t going anywhere–not to the Big 10, not to the Pac 12. You think Texas wants to play games at Penn State or at Michigan State in the snow in late December? You think Texas wants to screw up its rivalries with A&M, Oklahoma, and Tech?

    And why would the Pac 10 members want more teams? So they have less of a chance to win championships? So they can split money with more teams?

    Going to a Pac 12 would require a major conference shakeup and I just don’t see that happening. Most likely scenario is that the Mountain West brings in Boise State and gets official BCS inclusion. The Big 10 may also poach a Big East team to bring it to 12.

  • Russ

    The topic of expansion coverered by Jon and Ben is one of enevitability, but they speak in terms of choosing TWO schools. I don’t believe that that is the answer, the answer for expansion right now is FOUR schools. Why wait for five or six yrs. to pass and watch other conference again begin to add teams. IF we are going to expand, let the PAC10 be a leader and expand to 14 schools.
    The two universities that seem to get the attention of both Ben and Jon are Utah and Colordo, both in sizeable media market. Those media markets are @ the top of priorities when condidertaton of an addition is made. So lets expand our area to the state of Texas, and Lousiana. Tap the universities of Houston and LSU on the shoulder. Or stay a little closer and consider San Diego St. and U. of New Mexico.
    The real bottom line here is expansion and there are many possibilities if the PAC10 moves FIRST. This
    is going to be a very interesting topic to follow in the months ahead.

  • Slippery Pete

    Jon and Ben seem to think that a football conference championship game is some type of guaranteed success. Look at the ACC which expanded in hopes of the same success. Their championship games have been horrible failures with half empty stadiums and terrible TV ratings. If you look at last years standings a Pac 10 championship would match a 2 loss Oregon v. 4 loss Stanford (if you did the north south split). What kind of national attention does that get? About as much as the ACC championship which played to a half full house. One team had 2 losses and the other had 4 hmmmmmm……

  • bruin dad

    thanks for the great podcasts. is there a direct download link for this new one?

    thanks again