Howland with ESPN’s Andy Katz

ESPN analyst Andy Katz had a brief phone interview with UCLA head coach Ben Howland, and here’s the link: Video

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    ARE you F N kidding me people!BEN HOWLAND is a damn gOOD coach we will be very sorry if we let him go!One bad season and not that bad considering all we have lost and everyone panics? You idiots would be singing a diffrent tune had we won on sunday!No one hates losing to SC more than me but it like our 13-9 win against them means SHIT!I do however think that Ben better start recruiting hard as of NOW!Relax people it isnt Howland it is how UCLA sales itself we need to start with Pauley and Media and i agree the fans need to get more involved!GET OFF HOWLANDS BACK !

  • Potsy

    Sit on it PP…

  • Stu

    Figueroa Fellatio:

    It’s pretty clear you are a Trogan. What’s up with the stealth attempts?

  • mw

    So should Billy Donovan get fired for not leading Florida to the tournament the last two years? Should Roy Williams get fired for having a terrible year? Calm down people, it’s only one year.

  • spedjones

    “USC banned us from the post season”

    That’s just awesome.

  • Anonymous

    The Monopoly is…ON. In all sports. Bwahahahahaha…

  • Anonymous

    “Remember O’neil was the architect behind the Arizona powerhouse in the 90’s.”

    Uhh… No.

    Last I checked, Lute Olson was the architect behind those teams.

    O’Neill (spell your own coach’s name right, Trogan) was an assistant coach at Arizona for 4 years, from 1986-1989, before heading off to his first head coaching stint at Marquette. He had absolutely no association with UofA’s team during the entirety of the 90s.

  • Bring Back Toledo and Harrick

    BRUINBEATCH and crew!

    Here is the real deal…Ben Howland is a GOOD coach, Not a great coach, not a good recruiter, Nor does he have a eye for talent! And before you start yelling names like DC and RW..Please see who scouted and recruited them b4 you open your trap! The last 3 classes have been terrible with the exception of K.L.
    How in the Hell can we not have a legitmate PG on this team? How can we be the worst FT shooting team in the Pac 10? How come Howland’s so called “NBA Player Maker Magic” didn’t work on any of the players on this years roster? How can we loose good players because they didn’t get along with the COACH? If CRN can recruit top players to come to UCLA with his record..Shouldn’t BH be able to recruit Elite players considering he went to 3 straight final fours, among other factors? Remember this very well. We had at least 4 future NBA players on each of Howland’s final four teams, and we came away empty handed! It wasn’t because of talent folks, he was out coached each time! Look at what these players are doing in the NBA?

    And “mw” Who cares what expectations are at Florida or any other school! I hate the stupid comparisons…Oh so I guess Ohio State should fire Jim Tressel because they…..

    What I do know is that if UCLA is not at the very least in the NCAA tourney, Something is wrong…very wrong and if we don’t voice our frustrations then we’ll continue to get what we’ve gotten since 95….Nothing!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Having outed yourself as a Trogan (unsurprising), you still have yet to back up the claim that O’Neill (you also still can’t spell his name correctly) was the architect of the Arizona powerhouse in the 90s. I was unaware that an assistant coach for 4 years had that much impact on a program in the decade AFTER he left – as I noted above, I’m very aware he was at U of A and then moved on to Marquette’s head coaching position.

    Also, I’d love for you to explain how, if O’Neill’s such an incredible coach and Howland’s so terrible, that O’Neill has only gotten past the first round of the NCAA tournament once in his 12 years as a head coach. And, let’s be frank, by the end of the year it’ll be once in 13 years, because his team has no choice but to sit out this postseason. And don’t pretend as if he was trying to drag up nothing programs to success. This is a guy who has coached in the Big East (Marquette), SEC (Tennessee), and Big Ten (Northwestern).

    He only really improved ONE of those three teams, inheriting a Marquette program that had gone 13-15 and getting them to the Sweet 16 in 5 seasons. At Tenn, the season before he arrived their team went 5-22. One could argue he improved the team in a technical sense – in the three years he was there they won 11, 14, and 11 games (in that order). But he basically inherited a team that went to the NIT once every two or three years, and went to the NIT once in three years. And Northwestern won 7 games the season before he arrived, and 5 the season that led to his dismissal.

    One could argue that O’Neill ALSO peaked too soon (even if one were to accept that contention about Howland), as he had by far his greatest success as an assistant at Zona in the 80’s, and then a couple fairly good years at Marquette in the early 90’s. This year is really the first one he’s had a team that played above expectations in his 15 years of head coaching experience.

    And UCLA seems lightyears away from a Final 4? Like, say, UCLA’s 03-04 season, when they went 11-17, and 7-11 (7th) in conference – a worse season than this one in all facets, with a more experienced team than this season’s group (that team’s main rotation players were two seniors, 3 juniors, a soph, and one frosh)? Who then were in the National Championship game 2 years later?

    Lightyears indeed.

  • Anonymous

    Beatch: Stop making excuses about players leaving early. SC also had players leave early, did not have the same recruiting classes as the bruins, and five of their incoming recruits left to go elsewhere; Williams specifically went to Arizona where he is tearing it up. So, please stop with the one and dones, etc.

  • Mike H class of 90

    With only 5 players on the court and a dozen or so scholarship athletes, basketball is impacted a great deal by adding a key player or losing one. No program is immune – just look at UNC this year. Recruiting is the key, however, and UCLA needs to have well rounded recruiting classes…it used to be that we had numerous guards but couldn’t fill the post, now the reverse is true. No complaints…the 3 Final Fours were great…but we need to be more balanced with the 12 that get scholies. Perhaps that means not “relying” upon getting a 5 star like McCallum and nailing down a good 4 star earlier in the process.

  • Anonymous

    You guys all make very well thought out points here. I just wish this board was a tad more constructive. Please take a look at my points/questions and leave comments. I would love to know what you guys think:

    1) I cannot believe our highly touted guards did not learn anything or improve at all from last season going up against Collison, Holiday & Shipp every day in practice! Somebody explain that to me. Or how bout 1 year in the PAC-10? That experience didn’t help either? Fine they’re young. I get it. But I’m just shocked that after being exposed to such great talent and knowing they would be picking up the reigns the following year that they wouldn’t be highly motivated to work as hard as possible in maybe say the off season and get better. I know these young guys get piled on and blamed for our terrible season but I believe they deserve it. I just hope that this year’s complete embarrassment will finally motivate these guys.

    2) Anyone else think we need an offensive coordinator??? In my humble opinion; we run the most basic/predictable/unimaginative offense of any D1 school in the country. I think Ben has gotten away with this guard centered offense of high perimeter screens and pops is because we have had creative talented guards in the past that could create very well. Creative guards are an incredible asset to have, however I don’t think a sound offense should be based solely on their ability to create. Also, I believe in the past Ben has relied on his pressure defense to generate offense/points. I think this is great when it happens but these points are unpredictable and the problem is when you run into good discipline teams that don’t get flustered and turn the ball over easily, you lose those points that you were counting on. I think this strategy has contributed to our losses in the final four.

    What do you guys think?


    As i said before it is ONE year people!Give him ATLEAST another year to recruit and FYI Floyd is a better coach then Kevin he put that team together so get off Kev’s nutts!Sc did lose players but there starters still have more experience and are just more athletic then Roll and Drago!Man you can build the world’s largest bridge and suck one c*CK and you will always be rememberd as a C*ck sucker!So since you all think Ben is the problem then who the hell should we hire?IDIOTS!ONE BAD SEASON ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

  • Mike H class of 90

    I think Ben’s done just fine with most recruits, but Anderson hasn’t worked out yet. Remember, too, that he committed after his junior year. Perhaps he wasn’t as good as projected, perhaps he just might need another year or two to blossom, but we’ve struck out with PG recruits since then. First Gaddy didn’t come, and McCallum has yet to commit, but the problem I see is that there were 0 offers even made to other PG those years. Seems like Ben has banked on getting one of the elite guys rather than giving offers to other guys and building depth. Now our depth is to move our starting SG over to PG or have a walk on take the wheel (or throw a scholarship at a JC transfer – no knock on Lazeric, but I’m sure there’s no elite program that wants a JC transfer or walk on as their starting PG). You can even look at next year and the year after – according to Scout we have offers out there for forwards and centers but no offers out to PG! It’s nice to grab the big names but I think we need to offer a few guys to get some depth off the bench as well and if for some reason they have to take over as starter.