EXCLUSIVE: Alterraun Verner on Carnell Lake

Check out my brief chat with Alterraun Verner, who is training for the NFL in Arizona after the jump…

JG: Have you spoken to Coach Lake?AV: “No, not really. Since I’m out in Phoenix, it’s hard to get in touch with everybody. I just heard about it today”

JG: What’s your immediate reaction to the news?AV: “Of course, it’s a shock. Nobody expected it, nobody in the Bruin nation. I know it will have to be some good reason. I read its family reason, and that’s the type of guy he is. I just hope everything is OK.”

JG: What do you credit Lake for in relation to your own game?AV: “Oh man, the guy is very knowledgeable. Just the mentality of attacking practice, the mentality of going into the game, the mentality of playing the position. He did it at the highest level and did it really well. He brought that to his coaching, but not only that, he’d listen to you as a player and not just dictate to you.”

JG: Any thoughts on the next coach and what they’ll have to work with in Aaron Hester, Sheldon Price, Courtney Viney and Andrew Abbott?AV: “He’s going to have some tough shoes to fill. I thought (Coach Lake) was doing a great job for us. I have no one particular in mind, but I’d like to it to be someone who played the position, who knows the ins and outs and the struggles. The younger guys are so talented already, just help them technically.”

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  • Anonymous

    The people on BruinsNation represent what UCLA is all about.

  • Anonymous

    When does the women’s hop-scotch season start???


    First of all, Verner is not your typical jock. This guy studies hard i.e a math major.

    Second, I value what he says. Lake was a great bruin and I am sure he learned from him.

    As for Verner’s chances of making some money at the pro level, well…I wish him the best because he seems like a very decent, well-rounded young man.


  • Babba-booey

    Nestor is a god.


    Well said Lawyer John!

  • Anonymous

    ok lj, this is a good start. now keep all the trojan-biased propaganda to yourself, and u will be welcome here. fact-based disagreements are always welcome. sc cheats, don’t pretend they don’t.

  • Anonymous

    >> The people on BruinsNation represent what UCLA is all about.

    I beg to differ. It is well known that BN is very close-minded with regards to the viewpoints expressed on the site. If you present an opinion that runs counter to the owners/admins, no matter how politely it’s expressed, you will more than likely be banned.

    They are hypercritical of the local news media. They insult any Bruin which falls out of their favor with childish names, e.g., Karl Dullard for Karl Dorrell and Ragovic for Dragovic. Just look at this recent headline: “Howland’s Gutless Mismanagement Is Leading To A Toxic Atmosphere Around UCLA.” I, for one, think it’s totally classless.

    BruinsNation does have a lot going for it. For one, they cover a much wider variety of Bruin sports than any of the other media sites; there are a lot of insightful posts from people who understand the game; they have a lot of cool pictures and videos; and they very passionately support most of the players and coaches. It’s just that they will sometimes descend into frat-boyish, inflammatory behavior that does not represent my image of UCLA.

  • ???

    Couldn’t agree more, regarding BN.

  • Watty

    Yup, BN is a great source for links to Bruin content, however the overall culture there is hardly representative of the overall “Bruins Nation.”

    That site calling out anything or anyone as “toxic” is hilarious.

    That being said, they leave no doubt as to where they stand. LOVE UCLA, HATE USC (to a fault on both counts). I guess there’s something to be said for that…?

  • Reality bites

    ATV said “in the Bruin nation” not “on BruinsNation”. He is not referring to, nor promoting BruinsNation. He is talking about the collective Bruin nation.