Howland on Nelson

Here’s what Ben Howland had to say about Reeves Nelson’s left eye injury:

How did it happen?
“There were no symptoms; when he had his regular follow-up set up for him for his right eye, just through the normal thorough investigation, they look at both eyes, and Dr. Schwatrtz was very thorough. Reeves had no ideas there was something with the (left) eye. What they think is, from the violent collision of his head on the groud, that jarring is what did it. The reason they know this is a new injury rather than something that could happen who knows when, is there was a tiny bit of blood. I thought for sure they’d be saying there was something wrong with his right eye if there was anything wrong with his eye.”

Will he have to wear goggles?
“Goggles will be something that when he does get back out there – Dr. Schwartz, who’s really a top-notch doctor, contacted (Lakers trainer) Gary Vitti and got some goggles for him. They’re going to reevaluate his eye (today), but it will err on the side of caution”

Who takes his place?
“If Reeves is out, that would leave playing time to be shared between Nik, Brendan and BoBo and then some minutes to Tyler Honeycutt who has played some four this year.”

Are you expecting him to play?
“As of right now, we’re planning on him not being out there because he’s not at practice.”

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  • Anonymous

    Did Coach BH open his mouth when he talked???


    Reeves is just a cry baby. Suck it up and play. Who the hell is Bobo last i checked it was the obnoxious clown my daughter watches over and over on her DVD. This year has really been a comedy of errors.

  • uclabruin84

    SUCFORLIFE – See you at the Pac-10 Tourney … NOT!

  • ucla apologist

    hey ucla 84, great comeback, really original, way to zing him. Now all we need is that obnoxious old man we use as a mascot who wears a sock on his freaking head to ring that cowbell. does that signify that ucla will lose until the cows come home? Does that make a general statement on how obnoxious and annoying all bruin fans are as a whole? What other major college football team uses an 80 yr old man to get their student section riled up? aren’t all of you just freaking embarrassed about that? Let’s let this geezer really pump us up with his stupid cow bell. no wonder you only draw 45,000 legit fans to your home games and give away like 10,000 others to community programs.

  • ucla apologist apologist

    Wow, you went with the, hey, I’m one of you and we’re pathetic, but just couldn’t quite keep it together halfway through. We became you. How sad your bumbling attempt at the old wolf in sheep’s clothing routine.

    Enjoy the tournament and sanctions <---real original, I know.

  • bibs

    It’s really ridiculous to have to read insults from morons who may or may not have attended the university of spoiled children.Can’t we just stick to news about sports at UCLA on this blog? What’s new on the NCAA front?