Price No. 2 on ESPN’s Pac-10 list

Former UCLA defensive tackle Brian Price ranked No. 2 on ESPN’s list of top 2009 Pac-10 performers: Price

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  • Anonymous

    thats bullshit he isn’t #1 hes fu**in pac 10 player of the yr how can you not be number #1???

  • Mike H class of 90

    Anon…the name Gerhardt ring a bell? Love Price, but Gerhardt should have been the Heisman trophy winner…

  • Anonymous

    They’re going to put Toby Gerhart as #1. Since this list is based solely on 2009 college performance and NOT pro potential, I don’t really have a big problem with it. Gerhart could be 1A and Price 1B, but this is ok too. Gerhart really did deserve the Heisman for relentlessly demolishing every single defense he went up against. As much as I love BP and think he was a phenomenal Bruin and a class act the whole way, Gerhart deserves the #1 spot for this past year.
    Now, if they had put BP any lower than 2, I’d be upset. But this is ok.


    Thanks for the GREAT season, BP! Best of luck in the league…

  • Anonymous

    FU Toejam Troll


    Rankings are fun. They matter.