Weekly Answers, Pt. 4

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do you see/talk to A. Moutra & Jerry Johnson? what is their mindset going into spring? We still need playmakers at WR, are they going to help us at all?? – 909BruinI haven’t seen them this year, but I will say, they have a tough mountain to climb. While neither Rosario nor Embree are perfect, they, along with Josh Smith, are a pretty clear-cut top three. Then you have Carroll, Presley and Marvray, who people are saying looks great so far. We’ll see how it goes in about a month, but understand that it’s tough to leapfrog fellow wideouts.

2) Jon, I’m a long-time reader of this blog, but now check it less & less because of the MANY idiotic comments posted by readers. The blog probably takes enough of your time already, but is there SOMETHING that can be done to edit or remove these posts? I’ve seen some back & forths get offensive & just plain ugly. Dohn ruled w/ a firm hand & I think (sadly) that’s what’s needed here. Thanks. – la-uklaI’m doing my best to monitor the comments section, but it’s not easy.

3) What type of sanctions do you think the NCAA will impose on USC? – BruinBabyBearMy opinion has changed for the 100th time on this – I wouldn’t expect anything too harsh. The focus on McNair takes some of the pressure off the higher-ups, and I guess I just don’t think the axe will fall.

4) How will the addition of Josh Smith next year affect Reeves Nelson? Also, how do you envision the two of them playing together? – AnonymousSmith is a big body who needs to be in the post. Nelson works most effectively in the post. There isn’t that much room down there. I think it’s going to be on Nelson to work more of a mid-range game into his repertoire, particularly when he just barrels into the lane and draws the foul. That’s only effective if you hit your free throws.

5) The more I see of Brendan Lane, the more I think we’re stuck with James Keefe lite. What you write to persuade me otherwise? – AnonymousLane has a much, much better outside game and can take it to the rack sometimes. He needs bulk, for sure, but I don’t know how much bulk can go on that frame. In his junior year, he could be a force.

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  • Washington DC Bruin

    The Bruins have a number of WRs now, if they are eyeing WRs that seems to mean that Norm Chow would be around for awhile. Looking at the past, UCLA was good in the 70s, 80s, and 90s becuase they had a string of good OLs who could give good (not great) QBs the time to do their work.

    Troy A. would not have been as great a QB in college if he had to run around like the Fresh Prince from Bel Aire had to last year. He had a number of OLers who went onto the pros.

    Stop glomming onto the glamor positions and be serious about what wins games…the trenches OL and DL!

  • Bruintx

    I agree with you about the comments section of the blog LA-UKLA, that why I seldom read them any longer. Too much negativity and too many idiots. However, that doesnt stop me from reading the blog on a daily basis… there is no rule that you HAVE to read the comments in order to read the blog!! BTW Jon — great job so far (no matter what the negative Nellie’s say)!

  • txbruin

    Yeah, you’re a terrific job, Jon. And don’t listen to those doubting Thomases either.

  • spedjones

    We should all talk about USC more and call them funny stuff like SUC, Trogans and Toejams.

    That’ll show ’em who’s mature.

  • txbruin

    Way to model good character, fake spedjones. Give us a break!

  • The Yellow Rose of Irony

    txbruin is a little slow.

  • Flexmonk

    Dohn may have ruled with an iron hand, but he had a flat affect and provided information bluntly (nothing wrong with that). You can get information anywhere, this is a blog and Jon provides a different presentation for news. Plus, Podcasts are cool and have some good info/insight. Why does it matter what some d!ckhole writes as a comment? Unless this becomes a premium forum you can’t get away from them.

  • Reality bites

    LA-UKLA, here’s an idea; read the blog entries but skip the comments.

  • BigDBruin

    I will continue to read anything about the Bruins. I am always amazed at how everyone on Jon’s site is so worried about $C instead of what’s going on with UCLA.
    Who cares about them, I would rather beat them the old fashion way, recruit good players, have a good coach and get em straight up! Then they can’t say, oh you only beat us because…….

    As far as Howland is concerned he deserves some heat, maybe not as much as Nestor has put on him. But, considering the way the team has under achieved in the past including the 3 straight final fours he should shoulder most of the blame. He is the HEAD coach. Success in sports is not universal you have to consider talent, resources and history of a program to guage. If $c goes to 3 straight final fours, considering their history it would be a success, but for UCLA considering the talent on those teams, our history and resources you would have to say they under-achieved by not coming away with at least one Championship.