Quick take on the Lea promotion

The promotion of Clark Lea not only gives UCLA a stable voice in charge of what will be a very young group in 2010, but it frees Chuck Bullough up to focus on the entire defense as coordinator.

Last year, Bullough also coached the linebackers, and while that group had some spectacular moments, there were times when the defensive unit looked disjointed. With Tim Hundley coaching all defensive backs – and it’s not too often the DBs are split between two coaches, so this will also unify that unit – Bullough can focus on schemes and adjustments, two aspects he improved on as the season progressed, culminating in the huge second half against Temple in the EagleBank Bowl.

  • sandiegobruinfan

    Jon, your colleague at the Times is reporting Glenn Love has been moved to linebacker, Nate Chandler has been moved to defensive tackle, and that 2009 recruit Taniela Maka has hit the requisite score on the SAT for admission to UCLA albeit late. Can you hunt down some additional 411 on these fronts? Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    There is so much to teaching secondary, I think it’s a stupid move not to have 2 coaches there.

    I dont like the Hundley move. I’d prefer if it were a coach who has played corner and understands the position. A lot of corner is mental fortitude and technique since they are going to get beat and they just have to bounce back.

    Really disappointed.

  • Anonymous

    Not so sure the second half of the Temple game should be contributed to Lea, but that Temple’s best player got hurt.

  • Anonymous

    It was ATTRIBUTED, not “contributed,” to Bullough, not Lea. Learn to read. And write.

  • Anonymous

    One who mocks others for their writing should. Compose complete sentences himself.

  • Anonymous

    And one who not only uses the wrong word but also gets the gist of the article completely wrong should just shut up . . . .