Weekly Answers, Pt. 6

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1) Who do you see starting in place of Korey Boz next year? – AnonymousI expect a battle between Tepa and Graham, but I wouldn’t be shocked if Owa was ready as a freshman.

2) Recruiting needs for the class? – AnonymousStill, it starts with the offensive and defensive lines. An impact wide receiver would be important. Defensive back is also going to be a position of need. And quarterback. Definitely quarterback.

3) Who do you think is making the biggest stride this off season? – AnonymousI haven’t seen many of them yet, but I expect a big offseason from Kevin Prince after seeing him for a few minutes. Kid is getting pretty big.

4) In an article on BRO, David Carter mentioned a “surprise” player on defense. Any idea of who you think it may be? – FlexmonkThe one player on the team I’m most intrigued by this season – OK, one of three, because I’m really curious to see how Josh Smith and Joseph Fauria perform – is Glenn Love. I thought he was miscast as a safety, and he was a special teams beast at times. He could flourish with his size at linebacker.

5) You frequently mention how jaw-dropping josh smith looks in football practice. can you compare what you’ve seen of him to another pac-10 receiver of recent memory? is he on the level of desean jackson at cal? – AnonymousNot many are on the level of DeSean Jackson. Smith is explosive and has solid hands, but he has a couple of attributes that only the good ones really have: great balance and great footwork. People tend to judge speed and quickness as the barometer for a good wideout, but really, the ability to get open and the ability to move your body away from a defender is what makes a receiver valuable. I saw Smith work in traffic well, darting into the frame to catch a pass just beyond a defender, and I saw him make leaping catches in the end zone. I wish I could make an accurate comparison, but we’ll have to wait and see how he does in a few games first.

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  • Boston Bruin

    Jon you described the difference between the two oremier receivers for the Patriots: Randy Moss—flash, speed and quickness and then there’s Wes Welker, is virtually impossible to cover is good for a 3 yard catch and another 10 yards from balance darting between LBs and DBs.

    It would be wonderful for the Fresh Prince of Bel Air to have a receiver like Welker since there is not one who can stetch the field like Moss.

  • Anonymous

    Prince didn’t look that big when he was doing autographing this weekend outside of Pauley.

  • Anonymous

    One person of low integrity negatively influences dozens of people who interact with him/her. Imagine an entire educational institution with low integrity. Please don’t support Schools for Undergrads who Cheat in football and basketball.

  • Anonymous

    Prince looked very big when he was doing autographing this weekend outside of Pauley.

    February 24, 2010 2:50 PM

  • GmanC

    Prince is up to 230lb’s according to his workout video. That’s pretty big for a qb…

  • lasportsfan(noSC!!)

    I played with Josh at Moorpark!!

  • Anonymous

    Since when does being “big” equate with being an improved, quality quarterback? Whatever size he is, Prince is marginally accurate, slow on the release and almost devoid of any touch on the short outs and screens…How does “looking big” cure any of that?

  • ihydbruin

    Being “big” doesn’t necessarily mean he has improved in those specific areas. Let’s just pretend for a second, and I know this is going to take a quite a stretch of the imagination, that Prince is one year older at the start of this upcoming season than he was at the beginning of last season. Let’s also pretend that in that year he started most of the games for a division one football team. Then let’s also pretend that maybe he also practiced during that year. Then, and I know this is all hypothetical, let’s assume that perhaps the year of playing time and practice time was actually more beneficial than sitting on the sidelines for his high school team. Now if we can pretend all of those things then don’t you think it might just be possible that all of the faults you just listed could be slightly diminished this upcoming season? And perhaps being “big”, as long as it didn’t screw with his mechanics (which were terrible anyway according to you), would just make him that much better.

    So given this hypothetical situation could you possibly see why someone who has much more insight than you into the goings on of our football program might be a little excited? Now since this obviously isn’t the case your comment certainly isn’t asinine and I’m sure everyone who reads it will be thrilled to have such an astute poster providing us with such insightful and interesting posts.

    If you’re going to troll at least put some thought into it.