Special Q&A Podcast

Hey guys,

I don’t think Ben is going to make it in for the Inside UCLA Podcast today, so I’ll be flying solo. I’ll talk a little about the recent football coaching changes, the position changes and I have an interview with Tyler Honeycutt, but the bulk of the podcast will be devoted to a Q&A. Unfortunately, we don’t have the capability for live call-ins yet, so post your questions here, and I’ll get to as many as I can.


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  • localbruin

    Did Carnell Lake get asked to resign?

  • Marko

    Jon, waht I’m asking may not be feasible/possible. any way to break the podcast into segments,like a radio show? I ask because setting aside the time to listen to in one sitting to entire pod cast hasn’t worked for me so far, and perhaps others have had similar experience.

  • rejn

    Hi Jon,

    You’re doing a great job.

    Can you give any insight into the UCLA – adidas relationship? Will adidas be renewed? What qulifies as a good equipment/uniform/shoe sponsor, and why is adidas the best option for UCLA? Or, is there another player (ie NIKE) who is in the picture and waiting just waiting to replace adidas?

  • rejn


    What are your thoughts or opinion about the Pauley redo? I’m sure it’s going to be nicer, in some regards, but isn’t a major issue the seating spacing behind the baskets? Is adding a few rows of seats behind the baskets without really bringing the second and third rings of the arena closer to the court doing any good other than just putting a bandaide on the problem? The second (middle) and third (top) levels behind the baskets (west side) still a gazillion miles away from the court with the new work done. I don’t think you’re serving those ticket buyers very well, and I’m sure the players would love for the fans to be alot closer to the court.

    Thanks, again

  • Javy


    Question for Tyler, What’s your favorite class and whats your major?

    818 BABY!!!

  • AJ

    In your opinion, which positions on next seasons roster are set in stone? I can only think of three on defense and one along the OL. Aside from that, it seems like every position should be up for grabs in the spring and fall camps.

    Also, who do you expect to emerge as the other DT in the spring? And does it matter with a considerable talent like Marsh coming in the fall.

  • Anonymous

    Will coach neu wait to extend scholarship offers which may have cost us Uko, or go after kids early which us more the trend of recruiting lately?

  • Anonymous

    Jon, so what is the real reason for Carnell Lake’s resignation? Obviously you don’t completely believe in the official explanation, otherwise why would you keep putting the quotation marks around “family reasons” every time you write about this story. Just askin’….

  • TennesseeBruin

    I agree with Marko on the segment idea, if that’s possible. I’d be interested in hearing how long Honeycutt has played basketball for. I know he’s a great volleyball player but has he always played basketball too? The way he plays is really unique and I was wondering how and where he learned to play.

  • Anonymous

    Do we know any big time football recruits attending junior day this weekend?

  • Wisbruin

    As a lifetime fan, I honestly have a complete bias in UCLA’s favor. However, I was wondering how the rest of the country percieves UCLA football? What are recruits thinking when then are approached by us?

  • MIke

    Pure hypothetical –

    First, let me say I love Howland, and hope he can have continued success and coach at UCLA for decades to come… However, just for fun:

    If UCLA basketball were conducting a search for a new head coach this upcoming offseason, what coaches do you think UCLA would pursue, and who do you think would take it? I think 98% of coaches would leave whatever job for UCLA, but how about guys like Calipari? Izzo? Dixon? Romar? Coach K?!?! Ok, now I’m just naming people… your turn!

  • Anonymous

    Alot of Bruin fans are down on coach Hundley coaching all the db’s why is that the case?

  • Anonymous

    Were the ‘family reasons’ behind Lake’s departure similar to Tiger Woods’ ‘family reasons’?