Weekly Answers, Pt. 7

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1) A lot’s been made of Howland’s touch for developing future NBA players. But really, how much of that was Howland and how much of it was the athlete’s innate ability, drive, talent, etc.? IMHO I think Howland’s role has been way overblown, as we’re seeing w/ the utter lack of NBA caliber talent on the team now. – la-uklaI disagree about both your Howland observation and the fact that there is NBA talent on the team, just not yet ready. Howland is a great defensive coach, and he prepared Collison, Westbrook, etc. for the rigors of the NBA game. The NBA is almost exclusively man-to-man, and Howland is adept at preparing his guys for that. This year is an aberration, with a perfect storm of plagues – early entry, injuries, an overhyped class. Things will settle down next year.

2) Do you think Laz Jones will be a starter or come off the bench next season? – Mario DiLeoDepends how much progress Malcolm Lee and Jerime Anderson make next summer.

3) I know it is a long way off, but predict UCLA’s conference finish in basketball and their NCAA tournament seed for 2011 – bruinbrianPac-10 finish: first or second; Tourney seed: six or seven.

4) Broad question: With an seemingly likely NFL lockout in 2011, how do you see this affecting current Juniors and Seniors? – KNNFL or NBA? Because the NBA lockout could be very important for UCLA. Players who don’t jump after this year likely won’t after next year either, because of the threat of work stoppage.

5) Would the Bruins accept an NIT bid? – AnonymousI’m not so sure they even make the NIT: UCLA would need to finish the regular season 3-1 and then go at least 1-1 in the tournament. That said, yes, I think they’d take the bid.

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  • Anonymous

    No way would UCLA take a NIT bid!

  • Commander Obvious

    and they sure as shit wouldn’t hang an NIT championship banner in the rafterqfsk9qs of Pauley!

  • Mike H class of 90

    I don’t imagine we have to worry much about winning the NIT, but given the number of underclassmen I think it would be a good idea to get a couple more games under their belt (if we actually got an NIT bid, that is). The goal is to get better for next year – the practice and game experience would help more than sitting on the couch watching the NCAAs, imo.

  • anon

    I wonder what they did to 1985 NIT banner?

  • Howland’s Face

    Hi I’m Howland’s Face,

    I am the face of ucla basketball. I have been to 3 final fours and have nothing to show for it. My team has sucked the last 3 years, especially this year. I am supposed to coach defense, but my defense sucks. I have a boring offense that no recruit wants to play in. I have a boring personality that causes players not to listen to me. I am extremely overrated and make the experience of loyal students in the DEN disappointed on a regular basis. Next year will still be a rebuilding year. Dan Guerrero is a slob.


  • Anonymous

    Of course they wouldn’t hang any NIT banner (except maybe in the bathroom stall). Duh.

    But Coach Howland and UCLA would definitely take an NIT bid this year if we’re lucky enough to get one. People, face reality. We are that young and that awful this year. CBH wants to get these kids as much practice and game time as possible, so getting an extra game or two in the NIT would be a definite plus in his eyes.

    That said, we currently have maybe a 20% chance of even getting an NIT bid. We have absolutely ZERO impressive wins against good teams. 0, zip, nada. If we finish with a sub-.500 record, it’s straight to the offseason for us. Seriously. This has been likely the worst UCLA basketball team of the last 10 years (at least), and we’re lucky that it comes during the worst collective Pac-10 in the last 3 or 4 decades!

  • Nope

    1 or 2 in PacX and a 6 or 7 seed in the tourney? Pac won’t be as down next year. 1 will mean a top 3 and 2 will drop to 6 or 7, worst case.

  • So a bunch of you on here saying NO WAY UCLA would go to the NIT, NO WAY, Well UCLA went to the NIT in 1985 and won it and Reggie Miller was MVP, so don’t say NO WAY. I would say yes go to the NIT more playing time for a very young team.

  • Anonymous

    NIT’s and Eagle Bank Bowls! Go UCLA!

  • ihydbruin

    Postseason ban and looming sanctions! Go USC!