Collison raking ’em in

Former UCLA point guard Darren Collison was named the Western Conference Rookie of the Month for February.

Here’s the link to the New Orleans Hornets’ Web site:


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  • Blue Bruin

    If the Lakers had Collison they would probably go undefeated!

  • MichaelRyerson

    It might be good for people to remember here’s a kid Ben Howland recruited and coached, taught him his (Howland’s) system, insisted on a tight man-to-man and delivered him to the draft NBA-ready. Only one example.

  • Voice of Reason

    Mr. Ryerson,

    Thank you for your cogent point about a singular example of Coach Howland’s philosophy and program.

    Hey, you’re doing my work for me. A tip of the reasonable hat for your point, sir!

  • Reformed Droog

    Quiet, Voice of Reason!

    I thought we ran you off all sports message boards and blogs years ago!

  • MichaelRyerson

    It’s my pleasure. No, no, really, it’s my pleasure. Now if these stiffs can only win a couple more games.

  • Anonymous

    how very important.

  • Voice of Reason

    Mr. Droog,

    While I was verbally tarred and feathered lo those many years ago, I, like the Phoenix, have spring from the ashes.

    By the way, what exactly is a Droog, and why does it need to be reformed?


  • Reformed Droog
  • Anonymous

    Droog is from “A Clockwork Orange.” The droogs (“friends”) are the members of the gang to which the main character belongs. Since our blog friend here is a reformed droog, I would imagine he doesn’t take too well to classical music.

  • Reformed Droog

    Anything but the Ludwig Van…