“Unfortunate” loss weighs on Roll

Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of the UCLA men’s basketball season to the players has not just been the number of losses, though quite shocking, but the manner of losses.

There have been big losses and small losses and embarrassing losses, but Saturday’s loss to Oregon might have been the worst, at least judging body language.

After the big losses to USC and Washington, the attitude was more, “Wow, I don’t know what just happened, lets get over it and move on.”

And they did, winning both games following those losses.

On Saturday, they were different.

Morbid. Stoic. Almost…sad.

“It was hectic and we were pressing,” UCLA senior forward Michael Roll said. “We were fighting back, we were down and couldn’t just get over the hump. They had the right intentions, they were just pushing too much trying to get it to the hoop.
“Just unfortunate.”

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  • Jasper

    Whole d__mn season has be ‘unfortunate’, Mikey!

  • Steve

    “Unfortunate” meaning our point guard blew the game for us but I can’t say that in public.

  • MichaelRyerson

    Win as a team, lose as a team. Tough concept for some ‘fans’. As for Roll, he’s been a class act from start to finish.

  • miz


  • Coach Thom

    How much longer do we have to keep reading about basketball? Are there some interesting female gymnasts we could concentrate on?

  • UCLA78

    Sorry Steve at 1:46 p.m., but that’s just a ridiculous thing to say. Without Anderson’s points and assists we might very well have lost by a much bigger margin.

    You can’t just isolate a play or two and blame the entire game’s result on that. That would be like saying it’s Morgan’s fault we didn’t get into overtime because he blew that slam dunk attempt. Anderson’s turnovers were very late, so the impact in some peoples’ minds is magnified. But that doesn’t mean he “blew the game for us.” As I said, that’s a ridiculous take.