Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

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1) Tyler Honeycutt, Reeves Nelson, Josh Smith: Enough to get UCLA to the Final Four in 2012? – Blue BruinI don’t know if I’d go that far, but not a bad nucleus. As we all know, though, the key in college basketball is guard play, so UCLA will need to make major strides there.

2) Are we still recruiting right now for 2010? Is there a chance we can still pick up Hernderson from USC? And are there any recruits left for 2010 that we’re trying to get? – AnonymousNo, UCLA is done for 2010. Neuheisel said as much on signing day, when the Henderson status was still floating around.

3) In football, players are encouraged to pursue playing time at other universities if they are not working out. Not so much in Basketball, however, would it be wise to perhaps nudge a Jerime Anderson out the door with a Tyler Lamb, Laz Jones and a veteran Abdul Hamid vying for guard time next year? – incalosAbdul-Hamid is all but gone, and while JA has had a poor season by just about anyone’s judgment, I can’t imagine them trying to give him the boot. If Anderson puts the work in this off-season and buys in to what they’re asking him to do, he could be a changed man in 2011.

4) At Saturday’s BB game, Neuheisal looked pretty busy hosting a lot of people. Do you know if they were 2011 recruits, our 2010 signees, or a combo? – GawkerIt was a combination of both. Among the 2010 guys I said hello to were Josh Shirley, Dietrich Riley and Cassius Marsh.

5) When practice opens next October, what will Howland’s defensive strategy be? – AnonymousMan-to-man.