C-Ram back to defense?

Former UCLA starting running back Christian Ramirez, who dealt with ankle and hamstring injuries early last year and lost his starting job, will get a look in the defensive backfield heading into spring ball.

Ramirez originally entered UCLA as a safety but switched to running back in 2007.

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  • Sid

    It’s really his only chance to see the field. Coaches probably told him it was either this or leave the team.

  • Mike H class of 90

    Can he play point guard?

  • Anonymous

    C-Ram should have been a safety awhile ago.

  • Anonymous

    You have NO idea what coaches told him!

  • Coach Thom

    C-Ram is a gifted, well-deserving player who has endured some lingering injuries. He may not start as a DB, but he will be a valuable addition to our defense.

  • lavsmousse

    If he couldnt stay healthy enough to play in games on offense, I question how he would be able to do so on defense. But I agree, this is his only chance to see the playing field next year. Maybe he could give Dye a run for the starting safety slot.


    Though I admire the kid (we all remember his story)- hey, he’s a BRUIN!- say hello to Special Teams! Bottom line is this…you’ve got to stay healthy and perform big when given your shot.

  • cerritosbruin

    Does this move by Coach Neuheisel mean that he’s putting the best players on the field? To me, C-Ram is damaged goods and doesn’t improve the secondary that drastically. It does prove that Coach is loyal and maybe it even means that the talent level at UCLA is still lower than we want.

  • Boston Bruin

    Christian came in to the program as an “athlete,” which makes him a utility player. Since there is no need for his services as a running back, at 6’2 222, he could be one of those hybrid LB/SS on designated plays.

    If he can regain his health and strength, he may be more durable at doling out the hurt than being on the receiving end.

    Either way, it’s nice for the team to have seasoned veteran actually out on the field, albeit in limited use.

  • theuclan

    hey it’s not like we didn’t need help on special teams…