Weekly Answers, Pt. 6

Here’s the latest batch of weekly answers…

1) Sounds like the Mamba LOVED his time at Cal’s jr day. In his interviews i never hear him mention USC yet you feel they are a major threat for his signature. Pullard signing with SC hurts us too, so who do you think he signs with next Feb? – 909BruinI still think he’s USC’s to lose.

2) Why are we thinking about NIT with such bad season? Would NIT dumb enough to have UCLA? – AnonymousWould the NIT, which normally is happy to just get Mountain West Conference retreads, be dumb enough to have UCLA? The NIT would giggle uncontrollably if they landed UCLA, down year or not.

3) How fat has Ben gotten since his playing days at UCLA? – PRBen’s kept in tremendous shape. Me on the other hand…

4) One major issue that comes up when I debate about Pac-10 competition with other conference fans, is the perceived notion that UCLA’s talent goes undeveloped. Sure we have Aron Afflalo and Maurice Jones-Drew doing great things, but there’s this perception that UCLA under-performs even though they have great talent. What do you think is the secret to a player’s growth and development during college? – cerritosbruinThere is no secret. Work hard. Stay focused. Stay committed. Don’t waver. Don’t party too much. Have a singular goal and follow it. For boys in their late teens – yes, boys; they’re not men yet – it’s as simple as that. Well, that and talent.

5) With all the starting spots we have up for grab this off season, how come none of the incoming freshmen are enrolling in early? I think only Yandell is the only one coming early. – 909bruinFirst off, there is the same amount of starting spots opening this year as any other year. Secondly, good for them for wanting to enjoy their last summer of freedom.

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  • SeattleBrewin

    I have been a Bruin fan since the early 80s and I have always thought UCLA underperforms compared to talent and compared to other schools. And I have a theory.
    UCLA attracts many talented athletes who are prone to succumb to the good life that UCLA has to offer. The SoCal lifestyle, the pervasive LA/hollywood attitude that style trumps substance, the big city bright lights distractions, etc. Therefore many of our athletes dont have the singleminded focus that could bring them to thier utmost potential.
    Just a theory though.

  • Kobe

    What high school kid is calling himself “Mamba?”

  • Anonymous


    I’d like to agree with you but most of the kids we recruit are local. They’ve all seen LA before.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think our incoming freshman want to compete. If they did they would probably be playing for sc or another football power.

  • Howland’s bodyguard

    What’s this ‘perception’ that UCLA athletes ‘under perform’? How about Jackie Robinson, Rafer Johnson, Woodie Strode, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Bill Walton, Bill Kilmer, Donnie Edwards, Troy Aikman, and the many female athletes that have gone on to excel in their chosen fields of endeavour? I’d much rather call out their names than ‘super-stars’ like O.J. ‘the gloves don’t fit’ Simpson, Todd Marijuanovich, et cetera ad nauseam.

  • Anonymous

    Dude you are living in the past. Bring up a reference from the last 10 or 15 years. Just saying

  • Mount Retread

    Most of those so-called Mountain West retreads would beat UCLA home/home this year. Be careful. You may get what you wish for-a sub par UCLA NIT team.

  • Mary Jane

    If Wooden didn’t allow Walton to smoke so much pot then Walton would have been the best college player ever.

  • Measles

    Troy Aikman is one of my favorite Bruins, he always choked vs. USC and never did get a win.

  • roll call

    What’s classic is that “Howland’s bodyguard” can’t name any of the female athletes he’s praising.

    btw: do you need to protect Howland from getting assaulted by that thug Dragovic.

  • Mike H class of 90

    c’mon, roll call – you’ve gotta be kidding me…I know you ‘SC guys like to diss women’s athletics, but you gotta admit UCLA’s had the best…

    By my count, they have 55 Gold, 35 Silver and 24 Bronze medals at the Olympics (often the highest level of competition for female athletes), including names like Florence Griffith-Joyner, Gail Devers, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Evelyn Ashford, Lisa Fernandez, Dot Richardson, Lauren Cheney, Julianne McNamara, Kerri Strug, Holly McPeak and Elaine Youngs.

  • anon

    We seem to be getting an awful lot of Nestor type malicious comments. People who are full of hatred can’t seem to get enough of their name calling and derogatory statements aimed at certain Bruins.

  • roll call

    Alright, I honestly had to look them up but I’ll gladly give it up for Gail Devers and Evelyn Ashford. Win or lose anyone representing our county properly deserves respect.

    That being said I think you should leave FloJo and her sister out of future discussions. Bragging about them is the equivalent of USC propping up Mark McGwire.

    You should rethink claiming Kerri Strug as well. A lesser man might point out that she didn’t enroll at UCLA until after she retired from gymnastics and later transfered to Stanford when she improved her grades.

    And for anyone wondering, the only female Trojans I can think of off the top of my head are Lisa Leslie and Reggie Miller’s big sister, Cheryl. With that in mind it should be much of a surprise that I really have no idea how many of the 362 Trojans that have been Olympic contestant were women. I have to think a decent number of the 112 gold medals, 66 silver medals and 58 bronze were earned by the ladies.

  • anon

    What are you talking abotu not developing? weve had Darren Collison, Russel Westbrook, Alfred Aboya, Lorenzo Mata Real, Luc Richard Mbah a Moute, Tyler Honeycutt, Prian Brice, Alteran Verner, Reggie Carter, Maurace Jones Drew, ect ect ect all develop and play at a high level. We just A. havnt had a good quarterback in 5 years and B. havnt had both sides of the ball develop enough to have a seriousely competitive team. 2005 and even the 1990’s we had a good offense but no defense, the last couple of years weve had a good defense and no offense. We jsut have to pull it together and get both to be god at the same time

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous 12:16p. Your telling a Bruin to bring up something current? Wow!!! Trogans on here have been doing nothing but bringing up the past regarding either Coach Wooden and Sam Gilbert or Rick Neuheisal’s NCAA infractions for the last couple of months.

    Please go to Dictionary.com and look up the word “hypocrite” and see if there is a picture of Tommy Trojan…

  • Anonymous

    All last year’s NIT teams had a winning record. UCLA will not have a winning season.

  • Anonymous

    UCLA Women’s tennis beat U$C this week!

  • hippo

    Yeah but the filth that John Wooden’s Sam-Gilbert-bought championships piled so high it could be spread for decades.

  • BruinFaithful

    SUC trolls:

    I love how you Trogans NEVER mention Gilbert’s involvement with SUC FB. You forget to mention how Gilbert negotiated OJ’s first pro contract. You forget to mention how UCLA had already won 3 NC’s with much smaller unathletic mostly white teams way BEFORE Gilbert’s name EVER came up. UCLA had also already brought Lew Alcindor in. In fact, it is well documented that Lew was already a Sophomore before he had even met Gilbert.

    Whatever happened at UCLA during Gilbert’s involvement pales in comparison to the school cheating, steroid taking and selling, raping, felony assaulting, prostitute soliciting, sexual assaulting, exstacy and drug dealing, free renting, agent running, and gun point robbing going on at SUC. You guys have some balls coming on here spewing garbage about what happened almost 40 yrs. ago. You should be embarrassed, ashamed, and outraged at what is STILL going on at your achool.

    Maybe once you are done digesting this list, you won’t have the stones to come on here and talk crap.


  • Wooden’s dirty secrets

    I love that BruinFaithful complains about “trolls” while he’s been all over Scott Wolf’s site in the past.

    You want us to go to a bruinsnation article for facts?

    I thought the “real” bruins were ashamed of that site or is that “nestor” guy a true hero to your lot.

    What I like is that you’ll never admit John Wooden knew all about Papa Sam. Who they hell cares when Gilbert met Alcindor? According to the yahoo article Reggie Bush’s step-dad didn’t get in bed with Lloyd Lake until Bush was a junior.
    And yes, I’ll admit that it would be a shock if all the facts laid out by yahoo weren’t true. I’ll acknowledge the article exists. Of course while you’ll always go to the site’s report about about Reggie you’ll never acknowledge their interview with Bill Walton when he says he never needed to worry about anything from the moment he stepped on campus because of Sam & Wooden. That’s why he was disgusted that the NCAA was going after Jerry Tarkanian.

    Was Gilbert involved at USC? I’ve never heard that but I don’t doubt it’s true. I won’t deflect like you. It’s like Dohn said, “every school has skeletons in their closet” when asked about the history of UCLA.

    Prove me wrong BruinFaithful, admit that Sam Gilbert was involved with UCLA during the Wooden years and that everyone in the program knew about it. And that if Pete Carroll’s championships should be taken away so should John Wooden.