Weekly Answers, Pt. 1

Check out the first batch of weekly answers after the jump:

1) Why do you keep defending Bobo and advocating more playing time for him? – Anonymous
I haven’t been necessarily advocating more time for him, but rather, I’ve been arguing for less time for the starters. I come from the school of thought that when someone makes a physical error – a bad pass, a bad shot, a blown layup – they should not be judged. But when the mistake is either from a lack of effort (lazy passes, letting a guy have a free path to the basket) or from a lack of sense (shot selection), I believe they should be pulled for a possession. Teach them a lesson. If they continue to need further education, pull em more. I haven’t said that Bobo should start or even play 20 minutes. His defensive inefficiencies are glaring. But I think one minute of Bobo to teach a lesson is fair.

2) Does UCLA have a chance vs Texas? – Anonymous
A chance, yes. Probable, no.

3) Is the team going to run the 40 this spring? If so, when? and can you post the times please. – 909Bruin
Unless Mike Linn tests them as a team as part of their conditioning, then no. It’s not an organized thing, and results aren’t posted.

4) Jon, you may have already answered this question/topic so my apologies if I missed the response. When is UCLA’s Pro Day and who are the expected Bruin attendees? Which current Bruin NFL draft prospect has the most to gain and/or lose on Pro Day? Thank as always for the word. – Sandiegobruinfan
Pro day is March 30, and I’d expect most UCLA players with thoughts on the league (Carter, ATV, Paulsen, Austin, Bosworths, Moya, Price, am I forgetting more?) would attend. I think guys like Moya and Austin have the most to gain, because of their potential contributions on special teams and in unique offensives. Moya is good size for a hybrid H-back position, a la Dallas Clark, and Austin could be part of a coverage or return team, and those are things that boost draft stock.

5) What are the general recruiting goals for the basketball team? They have Lamb, Jones, and Smith. Are they looking to take at least one more PG plus another talented player at any position? What’s the coaching staff’s priorities? – Spencer
Yes, they hope to add either another impact PG or an outside shooter.

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  • Anonymous

    We NEED T.Jones, he is such a versitale player.

    Laz Jones

    It would be nice to get macclun, zeigler(who i have heard is the most likely to come), and leslie

  • mike

    wow, You forgot Theriot. His dad + James Hobbs+ Johnnyutahbodie,+OTC plus any number of MR Theriot’s other aliases is gonna be pissed at you.