Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

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1) Do you think that Lee starts at the point next year? Or does that depend outside factors, i.e. how good Zeke Jones ends up being, whether Jerime Anderson can turn things around, and if they have pickup another PG recruit? – SpencerNo, I don’t think Lee is cut out to be a guard. Could he be forced into it like this year? Sure, if all three reasons you mentioned happen.

2) Where do you think the coaches stand on Kessler the qb from Bakersfield? Do they have any more than luke warm interest in him? Coach of Bullard that defeated him in the CIF Championship game on the road in Fresno (DIV I)thought he wass the best qb to come along in the Central Section in over a decade. A top two sport athlete. – Bruin FanI think they need to see a little bit more out of him. As it stands, I think he’s in the 6-10 range at QB for them.

3) Any transfers expected from the basketball team? – SpencerI don’t know if I’d say expected, but I will say I wouldn’t be surprised.

4) Will Abdul-Hamid return to the basketball team next season? – Anonymous90 percent no. Maybe 95.

5) This season, Howland has said in different ways that he’s disappointed with players who didn’t plan out. Yes, Holiday and Gordon are gone and that’s part of the problem, but he’s also clearly referring to Lee, Anderson, and Morgan. What do you think those three players think about Howland’s comments? – AnonymousPlan out or pan out? Ask this question again, because I don’t know if you’re referring to Holiday and his plans to leave earlier, or the various performances by the players above.

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  • Anonymous

    Well the football coaches better turn their short list for qb’s right-side up. Those who have seen Kessler play know that he is no number 6-10. Another football program in L A is after him and other big time coaches.

  • Just Sayin’

    If Kessler is such a find, why is he not even rated as QB in Scout and there are 4 QBs from Cali ahead of him?

    By the way, on Scout they have have the #2 prospect, RB DeAnthony Thomas from Crenshaw lising the schools of interest as: UCLA, USC, Arizona State, California, Washington.


  • Anonymous

    Kessler is the closest thing to Jesus in Cleats.

    Already Drew Brees and P.Manning have both come out to say Kessler ownz their asses and he could go pro out of HS.

  • anonymous
  • Anonymous

    Nikki Caldwell, UCLA, Coach of the Year, according to the media. Congratulations.
    And to J. Dixon & M. Walker, All-Pac-10 team.