They say the third time’s a charm, and basketball fans cling to the notion.

Arizona, which swept UCLA in the regular season, fell victim to the adage that it’s difficult to beat the same team three times in a season. However, freshman forward Tyler Honeycutt, who was named along with Reeves Nelson to the Pac-10 All-freshman team earlier this week, maintains that the Bruins felt the tide turning even in the team’s second matchup.

“It gets tougher every time – even the second time was tougher for them,” Honeycutt said. “They thought they knew what to expect. The third time, we kinda had enough. We’re going out there with, ‘We’re not going to let them do this again.’ They’re going out there like, ‘We already got them twice, we can get them again.’

“They were up here, and we were down there, trying to come up.”

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  • JosephineBruinj

    reeves is amazing. go bruins beat the bears.

  • Anonymous

    Can we assume UCLA hosting the NIT on Tuesday and Wednesday?

  • Anonymous

    What we don’t have to assume is that U$C isn’t going to be playing in any tournament this year (and probably next year).

  • willie

    UCLA might not make the tourney but they ARE known as Point Guard University:

  • Larry

    Point Guard U – I have a feeling JA does not make this list. I ain’t hatin’, I’m just sayin’…