Price slipping in mock drafts

Former UCLA defensive tackle Brian Price, the Pac-10 defensive player of the year, is slipping in the latest ESPN mock drafts.

Todd McShay has Price going to the Vikings at pick No. 30, saying: “Price is a disruptive force who could help keep Williams fresh, give the interior pass rush a boost and step into a starting role after Williams moves on.”

Mel Kiper has Price at No. 31 to Indianapolis: “Price is a superior option, a player who can beat or shed blockers and cause problems on the interior. The Colts should upgrade along the defensive line, and Price represents great value.”

  • Anonymous


    Your headline says Price is slipping. You state he is now picked to be at 30 or 31. The obvious question from an astute reader is to put those two facts together and ask, “If he’s slipping, where was he rated before?”

    Why didn’t you provide that piece of information in your article to complete the puzzle?

    This is Journalism 101 here, Jon. What’s up?

  • gregg

    I believe he was projected to go somewhere around picks 10-15. I could be wrong but u know it was mid first round .

  • gilligan

    I am a big time USC fan but I also like Price. I am hoping that the Raiders trade down to get him b/c he was a force in college. I am shocked that he is dropping considering that he is as good as both McCoy and Suh. Does anyone know why he is dropping (e.g. weight, technique)? Thanks.

  • ESbruin

    anon 8:47–I’m sure a simple “what was he rated” would have sufficed.

  • INawe

    Less love for price in the draft? Forget the NFL Price! Come back to UCLA for one more year and show them what they are missing!! 🙂

  • AJ

    In response to gregg, the reasons for Prices slide have less to do with him and more to do with the combine performance of a couple of other DL like PSU’s Jared Odrick for instance. However, the knocks on Price are size and lack of lateral quickness and flexibility. The speed was about what they expected I think. What makes Brian a great value imo is his youth and relative inexperience being a barely 21 year old true junior.

  • Boston Bruin

    The Patriots just lost a starting DL-man to Denver. I’d love to see Mr. Price arrive here in Foxborough (Foxboro to the outside world).

    Supposedly he is too short — 2″ less that Sua.

    Maybe is arms are too short for deflecting passes. I’ve sween miock drafts that have him at the top of Round 2 (#37).

  • Anonymous

    SC fan + Raider fan = Not shocked at all!

  • BruinFaithful

    WOW, from possible top 10 to 30? That’s a BIG drop. He risks falling into the 2nd round. He should just come back. Barring a new collective bairgaining agreement, he would do much better next year and there will be much less talented DT’s. This year’s DT class is just way too deep.

  • Anonymous

    ok all these mock drafts are bullshit.
    jon on there latest mock draft have him going to tennessee at pick 16
    so all these things are bullshit!

  • Sunset Bruin

    Anonymous 10:45,

    There is no reason to cheap shot a USC fan that asks an honest, respectful question.

    Little buddy, it sounds like AJ answered your question above.