Long chat with Neuheisel

Just got done with an hour-long one-on-one with Rick Neuheisel for my spring football preview, and he had some interesting things to say.

Some quick notes before I get back to NCAA Tournament preview stuff, which has been keeping and will continue to keep me busy for the next two days.

* He’s very excited about Kevin Prince’s offseason progression
* He said Datone Jones will not move to defensive tackle
* Nik Abele will get the first look at left tackle, though he anticipates Micah Kia’s return in the fall
* Jayson Allmond will get first go at fullback with Tobi Umodu at No. 2, and Derrick Coleman at running back. Neuheisel did say, though, Coleman might be used in a Chane Moline-type role
* He’s very anxious to see the progression of some players behind on the depth chart, such as Dalton Hilliard, Ricky Marvray and Jerry Johnson

He had a lot of great stuff about the Pac-10, the Oregon situation, the offseason program and the state of UCLA football. I’ll get to it when I can.

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  • Michael Bolton

    I still have to submit my bracket for the office pool, does Slick Rick have any inside info I can use?

  • Marko

    Jon, awesome – can’t wait for all the details, and can’t wait for spring practice to start

    spring football
    fall football camp
    football season
    bowl season
    signing day

  • Pistalian

    Is Damien Holmes going to be a DE or a DT? Also how big is Nate Chandler and Justin Edison? If you can’t tell I’m really nervous about the DT position.


    Jon Gold: I just sat down with Neuheisel for an hour and I’ve got tons to say, but I’ll get to it when I can.

    Mr Gold, the beginning of this clip pretty much parallels how I’m feeling. You are Jerry….us UCLA fans are George.


  • Coach Thom

    WHATS YOUR DEAL cracks me up. So true, Jon. You can’t tantalize us like that. Either tell us what Coach Rick said or don’t even mention it. It’s like a scientist saying, “I’ve just discovered the secret to eternal life. And I’ll get to it when I can.” WTF? Having said that, it’s nice to know that Coach Rick is somewhat excited about the team this year and that Allmond will most probably have a start at FB. geez,

  • Gots to Know Now

    Can’t read your own notes?

    You seemed able to transcribe your i9nterview with a future propect.

    Dude, light up or leave us alone!

  • bruinJeffy

    can you ask rick next time if he thinks west virginia is good enough to pick for the final four? also, does he still fill his passion bucket daily?