EXCLUSIVE: Chat with Scout’s No. 11 DE Todd Barr

Just talked with Lakewood DL Todd Barr, and what a good kid. Solid head on his shoulders, smart, engaging, seasoned. He’s absorbing the recruiting process slowly, because quite frankly, he didn’t expect it.

Check out what he has to say after the jump, but first, his profile:

Jon Gold: Todd, how’s your recruiting situation going?
Todd Barr: “I’m doing well – I just received an offer from Stanford last week, and that’s the most recent thing. Coach told me Colorado will be offering real soon. Since I last talked to anyone, I’ve gotten offers from Minnesota, Northern Arizona, Stanford and then Colorado.”

JG: A lot of kids grow frustrated by the recruiting process; how are you handling it?
TB: “It’s a great experience, I’m not going to lie. Four years ago, I never thought I would be a prospect, maybe going to a school like UCLA, a big-time school, period. I don’t want to make it such of a burden on myself. I want to enjoy it until the day it comes that I make my decision. I’m always thinking about things – where I could go, how I could fit in there- and it’s a serious thing, but I have fun with it.”

JG: What’s most important to you when picking a college?
TB: “Education is very important, because football doesn’t last forever. Relationship with the coach is a big, big thing for me. I’m going to be with him for four years, I need to be able to talk to him. Location is a big part – I want my family to attend my games. Also, can this coach get me to the next level? That’s every kid’s dream, and I want to play for someone who will help achieve that dream.”

JG: Does UCLA’s recent history scare or impress you?
TB: “People ask me this all the time – I never base a decision on a team’s past. I’m going to base it on how the team is preparing to come up on the uprise. What they’ve achieved is already in the books. I don’t care about the past.”

JG: What would you bring to UCLA?
TB: “I bring the attitude of wanting to win. I don’t care if I play now. I want to play to make the team win. If I don’t play in a game, I’ll practice 110 percent. I might not play as much as I want, but I’ll play for the guys in front of me. I bring great character. I bring some talent for the game, yeah, but I don’t want to be conceited.”

JG: Were you impressed by UCLA’s last recruiting class?
TB: “I was impresed by the class – but it didn’t affect me. It kind of does, yes of course, with them coming in, when I pick a school, I have to look. But it doesn’t affect my decision.”

JG: What are your thoughts on redshirting?
TB: “I’m thinking about redshirting to get the full college experience. People see it as a negative thing – if I have to redshirt, that’s fine for me. I can go in, get ready, get adjusted to college life – nothing is wrong with it. It’s a hard situation because of course playing your first year would be great, but there’s nothing wrong with redshirting.”

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  • MaltBaa

    would be surprised if this guy is not a bruin.. happy saint patties!!

  • samohopar

    Wait so is he related to anthony barr?

  • Anonymous

    he’s not related to anthony.

    so he has a ucla offer right?


    Jon you ask if he was being recruited as a DT or DE?

  • 909Bruin

    hey Jon, have you ever had an ‘exclusive’ chat with a prospect that didn’t commit to UCLA????

  • Coach Thom

    Wow. This kid is great! Focused, smart, level-headed, plus a player of enormous potential. He is what every proud Bruin wants as a true representative of our school. Come join the Bruin family, Todd. There’s a place in all of our hearts for you.

  • MichaelRyerson

    What’s not to like about this kid? solid. He would be a great get for our program but wherever he goes he upgrades the program. ya can’t teach class.

  • Jeff Jones

    Todd Barr is very impressive, smart, talented and is not self-centered. He sounds like someone the Bruins need on their team…. Great interview especially his responses. WE need you Todd Barr

  • gilligan

    I hope USC is able to land this great player but I know it is not going to be easy. The school he selects will be very lucky to have such a great student athlete.
    @UCLAVES, I’ve read in the past that Barr is being recruited at a DT b/c programs think he will be able to add an additional 25-30 lbs to his frame. Previous articles also note that many programs will red-shirt him in his first year.

  • Wake Up!!

    Wipe your chins you fawning fans!

    Is this guy the second coming of…even Owa?

    Apprently not, he’s a 4-star, not 5-star.

    Check the roster. By the time he could arrive in Westwood, to play somewhere on the DL he’d be competing with:

    4-Star Dantone Jones
    4-Star Keenan Graham
    5-Star Owa

    And who knows how the 3-star players will mature:
    Edson, Tepa, Epensa, Flowers and Yates.

    Read recently that about 30% of the 2009 1st team All Americans were 3-star, as were 35% of 2nd team, and 40% of 3rd team.

    Ease up on the pushing this kid onto a pedastal.

  • spedjones

    this is all fine and dandy, but f*ck I feel empty today with no BB team in the tournament.

  • Spencer

    Great interview. Thanks, Jon!

  • Jeff Jones

    Wake Up!!!!
    What makes you think that Barr will not also mature being only in the 11th grade and getting better every year. He deserves to be on a pedastal at his age with his talent. He could end up a 5 star after his senior year. Chill out and quit being so negative. Stanford just offered him and Coach O is all over him so he muct be something…..

  • Wake Up!!!

    Jeff Jones

    Young Barr may very well prove to be one of the 4-star commers, but that’s a lot of would be/could be/should be projected thinking.

    My point is that one shouldn’t get so amped up over a HS kid.

    We need only look at Darius Savage a 4-star DL projection, now moved the OL and a journeyman there at best.

    If you continue needing to fix your pedestal pushing jones head over to Hollywod and find one of the Would bes/Have beens/ and Never weres.