UCLA Spring Media Guide released

The UCLA Spring Football media guide was released today, and there is only one real surprise on the depth chart.

Damien Thigpen is listed at third, ahead of Milton Knox and behind Johnathan Franklin and Derrick Coleman.

I’ve long been a proponent of Knox, and I’m surprised even before spring practice has started, Thigpen has surpassed him.

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  • 909Bruin

    who is listed at #2 FS behind R. Moore?

  • Anon

    Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!!

  • Anonymous


  • bruinbrian

    goodbye Milton Knox. We wish you well at whatever university you choose to attend next. Wish you would have been given more of an opportunity

  • Reality Check


    Your point: “Wish you would have been given more of an opportunity,” implies that young Knox was shunted aside for two years and not given a chance.

    His size and supposed skills probably gave you (and others) the hope he was Mo Jones-Drew incarnated. Obviosuly he isn’t.

    I agree that we wish him well if he decides to move on, but don’t lay his lack of playing time on the coaches not giving him a chance.

    What purpose would that have served them when they couldn’t get a running game going until sliding a Fullback into a running back position.

  • Ley

    Speed kills in open spaces???? Give em’ the rock baby!

  • Boston Bruin

    Hey Ley,

    I guess the coaches think they can do what you suggest with Thigpen.

    I think there are four players in particular that we are wanting to see something from this Spring:

    Josh Smith

  • Anonymous

    Knox is the ONLY surprise? You’re telling me that Nate Chandler being listed as the starting defensive tackle is NOT a surprise?

  • Anon

    Chandler being listed as number 1 is not much of a surprise. We already knew he moved, and giving him a first crack at the top spot next to David Carter is probably a tip of the hat to him for attempting the move, and they already know what the other guys are (or are not) capable of doing.


    As a fan of Milton’s, this is hard news to hear…Looking at it objectively, however, let’s just assume that this means Jet, DC, and Thigpen have not only worked harder (we’ve all read about how hard Knox drills), but that they’ve consequently earned their spots. As much as I do not like to accept this, it can only mean great competition amongst our Backs…This is truly great news. They’ll all get better! As for our incoming freshmen- Better get your guns up and come into camp ready to work!