Weekly Answers, Pt. 2

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1) Also, Norm Chow – right places at the right times, or “best offensive genius EVAR!!!!”? – Reformed Droog
Probably a little bit of both, leaning more toward genius. Of course, he was fortunate. All great coaches have some luck. But success is combining luck plus talent, and he’s obviously one of the great ones.

2) At various times and in different ways, Howland has expressed disappointment at how the 2008 class panned out. True, some guys have left unexpectedly, but it’s clear Howland is specifically referring to Morgon, Lee, and Anderson not meeting expectations. How do you think those players feel about their coach’s remarks? – Blue Bruin
Anderson has certainly owned up to his mistakes, and I think Morgan started to understand that he might not be a fit for Howland toward the end of the season. Lee is a more interesting situation, because he was pretty good when in his element, and dreadful when out. Not sure how even he really feels about his season.

3) Did coach Howland tell Drago to stop jacking up threes at ANY point during the game with Cal? If not, why not? If you don’t know, can you ask him? (Stats show he is not our best shooter.) – TK Bruin
I think Howland is a lot less concerned about shot selection than he is some of the other mistakes, such as defensive lapses or lacking hustle.

4) Is there any indication that Ben Howland won’t be coaching at UCLA next year? There are rumors floating around that he’s searching for another gig. – Anonymous
Completely unfounded.

5) Who do you think UCLA gets in basketball recruiting? Zeigler? McCallum? Leslie? Jones? – OC Bruin
Here is the current recruit list – List – and I think the best top-level shot is McCallum, but not likely.

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