Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

Check out the latest batch of weekly answers…

1) What does Lane and Honeycutt need to work on during the offseason? – Anonymous
Both need to get stronger and bigger, and Honeycutt needs to work on his outside game.

2) What’s the latest on Dragovic’s legal case? What’s to stop him from alighting to Europe and never coming back? Do you think he’d do that? – Blue Bruin
Charges dropped. All done.

3) Of the basketball players returning for next year, provide in order the players you expect to improve the most. – Anonymous
Lee, Honeycutt, Lane, Anderson, Moser, Nelson, Stover, Morgan

4) Any info on what Michal Roll wants to do now? Pursue a professional career in Europe? – Luca10
Yes, he’d like to continue playing ball, and I expect him to.

5) I have a non-UCLA question, what are your thoughts about the punishments by Coach Kelly to both James and Masoli? I find it kind of strange that James’ crime is more disturbing than Masoli but he only receives one game and Masoli is suspended the entire season. I don’t like the actions of either player but it looks like the punishments don’t necessarily match the crime looking from the outside. Thank you in advance. – Gilligan
I think Kelly could’ve been a little more proactive on the Masoli case sooner, but I’ve talked to people very close to the James situation, and they’re saying it was blown out of proportion, and I think his punishment is a reflection of that.

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