Kevin Prince on why (Favre) he’s switching (Favre) to No. 4 (Favre)

UCLA quarterback Kevin Prince has longed for the number four for years. Thanks to Terrence Austin, he’s waited patiently. Now, it’s his.
“I’ve always wanted to be four but never could because it was retired at Crespi and Terrence Austin had it my first two years here,” Prince said. “Brett Favre is my favorite quarterback, but more than that, I want people to see me as a guy who plays for the love of the game like he does.
“Sort of a new identity.”

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  • Anonymous

    Its not gone matter what number he wears with that pathetic pass protection in Westwood! =)

  • Anonymous

    I hate Crybaby Me-First Fart…ugrr…farve. Can’t imagine a more hated selfish pro athlete than Fart and Roger Clemens.

  • 909Bruin

    so what number is D4 going to wear??? I thought they wanted to use him on offense as well??

  • Martin

    Who wants to be a Pre-madana like Favre. DO your freaking job and no one will care what number you are. Hope Brehuat steps it up this spring.

  • Erich

    “Pre-madana” is Cher? or are you simply an SC grad who never learned to spell?

  • Coach Thom

    I would’ve preferred Kevin chose number ‘7’, but ol’ Brett Favre is a pretty good role model. Hope he comes back for one more bite at the apple.

  • Gary

    I like the patience and perseverance shown by Kevin Prince. But I also hope Brehuat steps it up, too.

  • hag

    is kevin prince 4 or 14?
    please reply