Weekly Answers, Pt. 3

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1) Any incoming freshmen enrolling early for Spring ball? – Resource Guy
Offensive lineman Wade Yandall is the only one.

2) Jon, if Howland is going to make changes in his coaching staff, when would we find out? Is there a “typical” time for those personnel changes? Does it happen after the NCAA tournament? During? – bruinstc
Probably soon after the tournament ends.

3) Probabilites of UCLA landing Terrence Jones? Ray Mac? – Anonymous
Not good and a little better than not good.

4) Do you see S.Hasiak moving to Left tackle or is Bret Downey providing enough competition for Abele? – Kevlabry
Depends what I see from Abele, but he has a clear lead, and I don’t think Hasiak is a tackle by nature.

5) Can you tell me why kevin prince switched to number 4 i think it will look wierd on him did he were that in high school can you find out thanks? – Anonymous
Prince was No. 11 in high school, but I have a sneaking suspicion that the switch to No. 4 was because of a certain grizzled Minnesota quarterback with graying hair and a Mississippi accent.

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  • AJ

    Let’s hope that #4 doesn’t turn him into a complete douche like Farve.

  • http://www.insidesocal.com/ucla Jon Gold

    There is NOTHING to report.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t believe you have not reported on Howland and DePaul yet. Rumors or not, it should be noted on this blog.

  • Anonymous

    I agree JG, gotta report the Howland rumor!!!